MBU Online Admissions Policies

New degree-seeking online students with any college credit must submit official college transcripts in order to be considered for enrollment. Those with no college credit, must submit unofficial high school transcripts. No essay, test scores, or letters of recommendation are required.

New degree-seeking online students are not able to register for coursework until they pay the $50.00 initial registration fee.

Online special students and certificate seekers cannot be registered until they have paid for their coursework in full. There are no required documents for entry as a special student or certificate seeker.

New online students who are accepted using unofficial transcript(s) are conditional, pending the receipt of their official transcript(s).

Online students returning to MBU must complete an application for admission. Returning students must pay the $50 registration fee in order to register for coursework.

Online students returning from academic suspension (1 semester or 1 year) must complete an application for admission. Must show any work that they have successfully completed while on suspension and or provide a written statement indicating what will make them successful upon re-entering the college. Online students returning from suspension must pay the $50 registration fee in order to register for coursework.

Residential students switching to the MBU Online must complete the application for admission and the Residential College to MBU Online appeal form if switching before the 1 year waiting period. Students must meet with the academic dean or Associate Dean of the College, the Director of Advising, a representative from student accounts, and a representative from financial aid. Students switching from Residential to MBU Online are NOT required to pay the $50 registration fee.