Health Sciences Graduate Tutors

Student and tutor talking at a table.

Graduate Student Peer Tutors are offered to students who have been identified by their instructors as needing additional support in selected courses. Assistance with writing is also available for students in all MDCHS programs. Please contact Carey Usher, Associate Provost (540-887-7064, for more information about writing tutorials.

It is our experience that students who address study habits or content issues as early as possible in the semester are likely to be more successful in their courses. Only students who receive permission from their instructors or program directors are eligible for this tutoring service, and attendance is recorded.

Tutoring sessions can last from thirty minutes to two hours, and the sessions are held on the MDCHS campus. Most students meet their tutors for a total of two hours per week. Graduate Student Tutoring is free of charge.

Once you have obtained permission to meet with a tutor, follow the instructions below:

How To Schedule a Tutoring Appointment with TutorTrac

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in using your MBU username and password
  3. Click on “search availability”
  4. Choose from drop down “MDCHS Graduate Student Tutoring”
  5. Choose from drop down a tutor who specializes in the subject (optional)
  6. Choose from drop down a section (this is a class in your own schedule that you want assistance with)
  7. Choose dates from calendars either for that day or for the week
  8. Hit “Search” to see available time slots
  9. Click on highlighted times on schedule
  10. Look at appointments entry page:
  11. Enter time for appt using clocks and duration
  12. Choose from drop down “tutoring” under reason
  13. Choose from drop down “face to face” under location
  14. Add notes for your tutor if you wish
  15. Hit Save to confirm the appointment: you will get an email confirmation
  16. Go to main menu, document post if you want to share a document with your tutor

For further information about tutoring accessibility, please contact your program director. For information about scheduling a tutoring session, please contact Dr. Jenny Joczik, Director, Academic Resource Center, 540-887-7250 116A Center for Student Success