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Welcome to the MDCHS MHA New Student Page!

This page has been created to provide you with information and due dates to help you prepare to join us.  We will continue to update and add information to this page, so check it often!


File your FAFSA – Deadline 30 days before start of classes

  • Complete your FAFSA at The FAFSA School Code for Mary Baldwin is 003723. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to give Robin Dietrich, Director of Financial Aid a call at 540.887.7025 or 1.800.468.2262.
  • Once Mary Baldwin receives your FAFSA information, we will provide you with an “award letter”, which gives you options for student loans if needed. You do not have to accept the award, or, accept the full amount.
  • Why you may want to file a FAFSA if you are eligible for tuition reimbursement:  If your employer offers tuition reimbursement, filing the FAFSA gives you flexibility, even if you do not pursue the loan at that time. Should your eligibility for the employer benefit change over the semester, having the filing in place allows you to secure the loan at a later date. This information cannot be provided retroactively.

Registration for Courses

  • Your program director will schedule a time to discuss your career goals and a degree-completion plan. Once the course selection is set, she will work with the Registrar’s office to help you register for Spring Term classes. The courses available this Spring are:
Term Start Date End Date Course Number Course Name
Spring Term 1 1/6/2020 2/28/2020 MHA 501 Organizational and Systems Leadership
Term 1 1/6/2020 2/28/2020 MHA 502 The Business of Healthcare
Term 2 3/9/2020 5/1/2020 MHA 503 Foundations of Research Methods in Administration
Term 2 3/9/2020 5/1/2020 MHA 504 Policy, Ethics, and Legal Perspectives
MHA 501 Organizational and Systems Leadership (3 s.h.)

This course will begin by exploring governance and ownership models within the healthcare system. It will also examine the roles, responsibilities, and impact of leaders in the healthcare industry. Critical skills and behaviors for effective leadership and management, including effective communication and management, consensus and coalition building will be taught. Key elements that impact a leader’s ability to create a shared vision and learning culture, lead change, and influence overall effectiveness will be addressed. How to develop and manage diverse professionals, what motivates them, how they are paid, and how to influence them to effect desired change will also be examined.

MHA 502 The Business of Healthcare (3 s.h.)

This course translates broad insights, develops essential acumen, and builds the practical skills that clinical and administrative executive leaders will need to successfully navigate the business of healthcare, and drive high performance for the businesses they will run throughout their careers. Applying a pragmatic systems and team-leveraged approach for integrating co-dependent disciplines of strategy, operations, and finance, the course dissects and evaluates:  health sector business economics and policy dynamics; enterprise risk management, planning and finance; business operations management and control; performance measurement, accountability and reporting; and performance excellence, improvement and innovation.

MHA 503 Foundations of Research Methods in Administration (3 s.h.)

This course will cover the concepts and principles of the research process including question, theory, hypothesis development, research design and methodology, and statistical reasoning and analysis. Critical review of professional literature and determination of the relevance and applicability of research findings to specific problems will be undertaken. Students will learn how to set up a study.

MHA 504 Policy, Ethics, and Legal Perspectives (3 s.h.)

This course examines the ethical and legal framework within the healthcare industry, including laws and regulations, such as anti-trust, privacy and confidentiality, medical malpractice, etc., that impact the business of healthcare.  Compliance has become a significant internal issue for health systems. Understanding the impact of these regulations on such things as coding and billing, physician contracting and incentives, and the value of internal auditing will be addressed.


E-mail Accounts

  • Accepted students are provided a Mary Baldwin University Personal Identification Number (PIN) and username in December. Once received, reference that information while you complete the following steps:
  1. Access your Mary Baldwin email online at
  2. To log in, enter your Mary Baldwin username (the username on your PIN letter plus “”) and your PIN as your password.
  3. Click on the “Sign In” button.
  4. If you have a personal Gmail account, you may need to log out of that account before you can log in to your edu account.

All electronic correspondence from the college will be sent to your Mary Baldwin Mail address, so it is important to make a habit of checking your Mary Baldwin Mail on a regular basis. Mary Baldwin Mail uses the powerful Google Gmail engine. You can forward your Mary Baldwin Mail account to another account for your convenience.


  • Mary Baldwin University’s online bookstore offers students the ability to order books in all formats available for that text (new, used, rent, e-book) at competitive prices. Books can be ordered at the Mary Baldwin Online Bookstore.

Schedules & Account Payable Information available in January

  • Once you receive your Mary Baldwin email/password information, you can access your schedule and account payable information using the “myMBU” portal.
  • New students will work with their Program Director to finalize their course selections – the program will preregister all new students for the Spring term.

Classes start Monday, January 6, 2020!

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