Health Sciences Graduate Tutors

Graduate Student Peer Tutors are offered to OT, PA and PT students who have been identified by their program directors as needing additional support in select courses. It is our experience that students who address study or content issues early in the semester are more successful in the course. ONLY STUDENTS WHO RECEIVE AUTHORIZATION FROM THEIR PROGRAM DIRECTOR ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS TUTORING OPTION.

You will attend two hour tutoring sessions each week at no cost to you. Attendance will be monitored. If you have been granted permission from your program director, click the link below to schedule your appointments!

Tips to make the most of your tutoring session:

  • Be on time.
  • Come prepared with questions, textbook, class slides, examples.
  • Schedule a week ahead (you must schedule at minimum 24 hours in advance to ensure your tutor’s availability)

Tutors are available for Summer 2018!

The new PT tutors for summer from the class of 2020 are:

Briana Bain
Sean Daugherty
Kaitlin McGrath
Samantha Myers
Michael Wilkins

The new OT tutors for summer from the Class of 2020 are:

Kacie Austin
Alyssa Balogh
Emily LaMotte
Chelsea Landry
Nicole Pascale

The new PA tutors for summer from the Class of 2019 are:

Madison Staub
Renee Davis

For further information about tutoring accessibility, please contact your program director. For information about scheduling a tutoring session, please contact Dr. Jenny Joczik, Director, Academic Resource Center, 540-887-7250 116A Center for Student Success