Public Forum to Discuss School Uniforms

March 14, 2000

The community is invited to attend and participate in the Educational Forum on School Uniforms on Wednesday, March 22, at 7:00 p.m. in Mary Baldwin University’s Francis Auditorium, located in the Pearce Science Center at the corner of Coalter and Frederick Streets in Staunton.

Veronica Wright, a junior chemistry major at Mary Baldwin University, will moderate the discussion and several education professionals will offer the pros and cons of implementing school uniforms in the community. The panelists include:

  • Rev. Andrea Cornett Scott, Mary Baldwin director of African-American affairs and multicultural understanding and member of the Virginia Annual Conference Board of Examiners
  • Kevin Fox, headmaster of Stuart Hall
  • Jim McCrory, Mary Baldwin professor of education and president of the Virginia Association of Colleges and Universities with Teacher Education
  • Jim Harrington, Mary Baldwin professor of education/acting director of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program and chairman of the Staunton School Board
  • Patricia Westhafer, Mary Baldwin professor of education
  • Angie Wiggins, Mary Baldwin director of student activities
  • Ola Ajijola, a sophomore at Mary Baldwin, will also reside on the panel to give a student’s perspective on wearing uniforms to school daily.
  • Wright, a student in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL), is from Newport News, VA and plans to enter the U.S. Air Force after graduation. Supported by a DuPont scholarship for minorities, she completed an internship in the summer of 1999 by researching the ethical, legal, and historical aspects of school uniforms. The subject interested her so greatly, she coordinated the forum for the community to openly discuss the issue.