Mary Baldwin Student Cleared of Honor Offense

April 27, 2000

On March 29, 2000, the Staunton Police Department issued a news release saying, in part, that it had determined that a report of a felonious assault at Mary Baldwin University was “unfounded.”

Subsequently, Mary Baldwin University conducted its own honor investigation and hearing. Amy Purcell, the student who originally reported the assault, was found “not in violation” of the honor offense of lying.

Mary Baldwin University’s Honor System prohibits lying, cheating and stealing. When the college receives a report of any of these behaviors, a committee conducts an investigation and a panel composed of a different group of people hears the case.

College policy and federal law generally prohibit the release of information about Honor trials. However, in this case Purcell has waived her right to confidentiality and granted permission for the college to release the verdict.