Staff Celebrate 355 Years of Service

May 22, 2002

Mary Baldwin University’s staff celebrated a combined total of 355 years of service on May 21, 2002 at the annual Employee Appreciation Breakfast in Hunt Dining Hall. The figure was calculated by totaling the years of service of everyone who has been employed at Mary Baldwin for at least five years. The program included an awards ceremony recognizing employees’ years of service to the college. Milestones were achieved by the following Mary Baldwin community:

5 Years of Service

  • Gail C. Auen, director of enrollment technology
  • Barth E. Berry, groundskeeper
  • Jean Carole Carpenter, assistant to the Dean for Academic Outreach
  • Douglas E. Clark, vice president of enrollment management
  • Beverly Henry, housekeeper
  • David L. Koontz, associate director of computer information services
  • Roberta P. Palmer, assistant director for operations/admissions
  • Deanna E. Salisbury, housekeeper
  • Deborah T. Snyder, cashier and Perkins Loan administrator
  • Annie L. Veney, pantry worker

10 Years of Service

  • Susan M. Britton, director of field experiences and assistant director of MAT
  • Henry Lee Brown, dining room orderly
  • Margaret L. Murphy, coordinator of financial aid
  • Susan E. Williams, assistant director of VWIL

15 Years of Service:

  • Debra D. Bahorsky, accounts payable administrator
  • Shirley T. Craft, director of research and records
  • Donna C. Duff, office manager of health services
  • Terry Lynn Rowe, housekeeper
  • Tomlin H. Scott, coordinator of student loans
  • Carolyn P. Wilt, coordinator of logistical service
  • Thomas Dale Wiseman, mailroom assistant

20 Years of Service:

  • Debra B. Campbell, admissions communication and resources manager
  • Lisabeth Chabot, director of the library
  • Martha Ann Hamrick, housekeeper

25 Years of Service:

  • Dreama Brown, associate budget director
  • Linda F. Fry, administrative secretary for the Dean of the College
  • Carolyn M. Hensley, administrative assistant for admissions
  • Aubrey B. Jackson, mailroom supervisor