VWIL Hosts the Senior Military Colleges

September 30, 2002

Mary Baldwin and the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership will welcome the Senior Military Colleges of the United States October 6-8. Expected to attend the conference are presidents, commandants, staff representatives, and two cadets from each institution. In addition, each branch of the service will send the senior officer or civilian in charge of ROTC programs. Also attending will be representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Personnel Management.

The designated senior military colleges are Texas A&M, Norwich University, the Virginia Military Institute, the Citadel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Sate University, and North Georgia College and State University. VWIL, which offers ROTC through VMI, is considered part of the group, which provides a large percentage of the commissioned officers that come from the federal military academies and other ROTC colleges each year. VWIL consistently has one of the highest percentages of cadets commissioning each year.

The conference includes seminars Monday, October 7, on military college honor systems and student retention. VWIL cadets will parade that afternoon at 4:30.

Representing the defense department are Curt Gilroy, director of accessions policy and officer of the secretary of defense, and Maj. Brenda Leong, assistant director of the officer commissioning program. From the Army: Maj. Gen. John T.D. Casey, commander, Army ROTC command, and Brig. Gen. Gratton O. Sealock II, deputy commanding general. The Navy: C. J. Stein, director, officer accessions program. The Air Force: Col. Allen E. Thompson, commander, Air Force ROTC command.

Among others attending are Maj. Gen. John Grinalds, superintendent of the Citadel; Col. Tom Palmer, commandant of North Georgia College and State University; Maj. Gen. Richard W. Schneider, president of Norwich University; Lt. Gen. John A. VanAlstyne, commandant of Texas A&M; Maj. Gen. Jerrold Allen, commandant of Virginia Tech; and Maj. Gen. Robert L. Green, deputy superintendent of finance and admission at VMI.