December 3, 2003

If a Mary Baldwin student needs some laundry or dishes washed, she need not do it herself; she can simply pay for the services of several of the youngest students on campus.

Rent-a-PEG is a new fundraiser by students in Mary Baldwin’s Christian Student Union who also happen to be in the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted, which enables bright women as young as rising ninth-graders to bypass high school and enter college. The fundraiser is modeled after the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership’s annual fundraiser, Rent-a-nULL.

“We’ve had a half dozen or so responses,” said Amanda Simon, treasurer of CSU and sophomore PEG student. Students can rent one PEG for $5 an hour or two for $7 an hour. CSU hopes to earn about $100, which will be used to fund summer mission programs.

“We’ve been asked to wash dishes, clean rooms, and wash a dog,” said Simon. The fundraiser advertises that PEGs will be rented out to perform tasks that are “within reason.”

Simon said student reaction has been “very, very positive. Many students admire us for not being afraid to actually do some work to raise money for a good cause.”