President Rallies Faculty, Staff

August 27, 2004

President Pamela Fox invited the faculty and staff gathered for the academic year’s opening meeting August 26 to join her in a “decisive” and “eventful” year in Mary Baldwin University’s history. Marked by the transition from laying out the college’s 10-year strategic plan to beginning to work toward the plan’s goals, Fox challenged Mary Baldwin employees to make this a “college like no other” that is “nationally recognized as a leader in providing personalized, transforming liberal education.”

“We cannot hide our strengths, we must proclaim them prominently,” Fox said. “We are creating a national model for integrated learning.”

FACULTY AND STAFF GATHER OUTSIDE FRANCIS AUDITORIUM AFTER THE OPENING MEETINGAdvancing the musical theme started with “Composing Our Future” — the college’s 10-year strategic planning document — Fox explained how Mary Baldwin students, faculty and staff, alumnae/i, and friends of the college will now find their individual responsibilities, rehearse and refine them, and be ready for the performance in 2014, the year in which the plan will be fully implemented.

The process is divided into three major phases:

    • Beginning this year and continuing to the next, the first phase includes a closer look at how to restructure the academic programs, developing models, and starting pilot programs.


    • During the middle phase, 2006-10, the college will launch the Mary Baldwin University Advantage — a portfolio of ten steps on the path to personal transformation—and start a comprehensive fundraising campaign.


  • The graduation of the Class of 2010, the first to go through four years of the Mary Baldwin University Advantage, will mark the beginning of the final four-year phase, which also includes evaluation of how the plan is working.

“We have an amazing story to tell as a college, and we want to ensure that our messages are as clear and compelling as our college is distinctive,” Fox added. “Every week I hear amazing sagas of personal transformation from current or former students, lovingly attributed to the outstanding scholarship, pedagogy, and caring mentorship of our faculty.”

Carole Grove, director of the Master of Arts in Teaching program, was energized by the introduction of the plan and the camaraderie of the opening meeting. “It was a very positive presentation, supported by facts and realistic strategies,” she said.

John Kibler, professor of psychology, said the strategic plan gives faculty and staff some of the most clearly defined goals that he has seen in 24 years at the college.

“This document puts into a concrete form what we have known about Mary Baldwin University all along,” Kibler said. “It capitalizes on our strengths and challenges us to make those strengths more obvious to others. I will begin this year feeling that there is a lot of work to be done, in and out of the classroom, but knowing that work will help a strong institution emerge.”