Exam Week Upper

November 17, 2004

Student at Late Night BreakfastIt’s that time again. Exams. December 6-10. The halls will be silent, the campus still, because everyone will be in the library. Many students will trudge off to exams early to get them over with. They’ll stumble back to their rooms, brain dead, to study for another exam. But wait. There is a glimmer of light, of hope to make it through the exam challenge. At the dining hall? Yep.

Late Night Breakfast on Tuesday, December 7. For this treat, the dining hall staff works hard to offer students a full breakfast buffet, from scrambled eggs and sausage patties, to French toast sticks and fruit. What could be better than pulling on a coat over your pajamas, slipping into fuzzy slippers, and braving the cold to go eat an omelet at 11 pm? You’re up studying already; why not a nighttime nosh of grits and pancakes?

The following night, Wednesday, December 8 at the same time, the dining hall staff will have snacks available for students who are up studying late.

Enjoying Late Night Breakfast


We’ve all heard the tips before, but how many students actually make the most of them:

    1. Study sensibly – take breaks to clear your head.


    1. Eat right – make sure you are eating, and regularly. You’ll do much better with a full stomach.


    1. Eat brain food – tuna and pasta are particularly good for the brain.


    1. Take your time – remember that you have 12 time-slots to take exams. Don’t cram them all into two days. Make sure you leave time to relax and de-stress.


    1. Take your hardest exam first – get it over with, then take an easier one to get another weight off your shoulders.


    1. Don’t procrastinate – although you need to take your time, don’t take too much time. You can only take two exams per day; don’t save them for the last two days of the week.


    1. Make yourself up – before you take an exam remember to shower and get dressed a little nicer than usual. Taking the little extra time to “primp” helps you relax and makes you feel better about yourself.


    1. Exercise.


  1. Ask for help! If the studying is just pulling you under and out of control, stop and ask a friend, your RA or someone in Student Life for guidance. They can help put things into perspective.