Online Elections in SGA’s 75th Year

February 23, 2005

Student LeadershipElections for 2005-06 Mary Baldwin University student leaders have insured that the 75-year tradition of student governance continues. As senior and 2004-05 Student Government Association President Vicky TenBroeck approaches graduation, she will pass the baton of presidency to Tiffani Jeffries ’06.

A native of Springfield, Virginia and a Healthcare Administration major, Tiffani Jeffries has been a resident advisor for the past two years. Through serving as an RA she has learned to listen to the needs of the students on campus. This motivated her to run for SGA president.

Students voted online for the first time in September 2004 –for a run-off election for freshman class treasurer – and they used the electronic system for all rounds of elections in February. Each Thursday for three weeks during February elections, students received an e-mail reminding them to vote. Each student voted once for each position. Software tabulated results and also provided important defining reports. According to Velma Carman, director of student activities, 40% of students in the residential college voted in the executive council run-off, more than double the voters in previous years. Carman attributes increased participation to the convenience of online voting for students.

The main election process at Mary Baldwin University takes place over three weeks in February. Week one is designated for the Student Government Association Executive Council – president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, Judicial Board chair, Baldwin Program Board (BPB) chair, Residence Hall Association (RHA) chair and Honor Council chair. The second week is devoted to the election of class presidents and officers, lead advocate, BPB committee chairs, and RHA officers . In the third and final week, elections fill the roles of 13 Honor Council members, 13 Judicial Board members, and 7 student advocates.

Online voting does have its problems, though. Due to discrepancies in numbers possibly caused by students who voted outside their class distinction (i.e. seniors voting for sophomore officers, etc), the Board of Elections chose to re-do the election for Class of 2007 treasurer to insure the integrity of the process. The software programming glitch that allowed this to happen will be resolved before the next election, so juniors can vote only for junior officers, seniors for seniors, and so on. The Board of Elections feels confident that the junior treasurer vote was the only one potentially skewed. The total votes in all other elections were quite distinct, i.e. 90% of the vote going to a particular candidate versus 10% for an opponent. The junior treasurer’s vote was unusually close. The election re-do for that position resulted in an announcement February 22 that Elisabeth Beamer was elected junior class treasurer.

No student chose to run for sophomore class secretary. The Board of Elections will wait a bit and then post another election in mid-March – before installation of student leaders March 24.

Mary Baldwin University Student Leadership for 2005-06

  • Student Government Association
    • Executive Council
        • President–Tiffani Jeffries
        • Vice President–Pa’Trika Thornton
        • Secretary–Betsy Johnson
        • Treasurer–Christina Russell


      • Honor Council Chair–Joanna Hernandez
      • Judicial Board Chair–Janice Udy
      • Residence Hall Chair–Phyllis Gilmore
      • Baldwin Program Board Chair–Patricia Tolbert


    • Class Officers
        • Senior Class President–Melissa Baldwin
        • Senior Class Vice President–Kari Frenz
        • Senior Class Secretary–Cara Magolda
        • Senior Class Treasurer–Tania Cheng


        • Junior Class President–Rachel Yim
        • Junior Class Vice President–Ashlee Thomas
        • Junior Class Secretary–Erin Baker
        • Junior Class Treasurer–Elisabeth Beamer


      • Sophomore Class President–Christina Barry
      • Sophomore Class Vice Pres–Quynh Nguyen
      • Sophomore Class Treasurer–Azada Hussaini


    • Other Student Leaders
      • Lead Student Advocate–Elizabeth May
      • Baldwin Program Board Social Chair–Alexis Young
      • Residence Hall Association Vice Chair–Nakita Hanson
      • Residence Hall Association Secretary–Patricia Grace


  • Judicial Board Members
    • Maggie Eves
    • Christy Noe
    • Maize Jacobs-Brichford
    • Sara Baldwin
    • Tiffanie Hegerty
    • Kamille Misewicz
    • Kristina Niederberger
    • Lauren Gaspar
    • Samantha Adato
    • Amanda Yarbrough
    • Jessica Jarrell


  • Honor Council Members
    • Jessica Rea
    • Laurie Petrone
    • Kelly Pecotte
    • Ashley Lumbard
    • Delayne Baker
    • Dea Turner
    • Cyndi Jacobs
    • Louise Lareau