Who’s Who in Student Leadership for 2005-2006

March 30, 2005

It was a moving ceremony — a living tradition in action — the annual installation of student government. The 2004-05 leaders of the Student Government Association, in its 75th year, said their thanks for the opportunity to serve via President Victoria TenBroeck’s brief address. She kept it short to forestall tears.

Leadership 2004-05As each of this year’s officers swore in her 2005-06 counterpart, she took off the mortar board she had worn into the ceremony and placed it on the head of the new leader’s head. The chairs of the Honor Council, Judicial Council, Residence Hall Association, and Baldwin Program Board were sworn in; they called upon their new board members to rise and take the oath, as well. Class officers, Lead Advocates, and Residents Advisors all recited the pledge – the same one that every student leader has said for 75 years. They were sincere as they made took the oath –– their voices clear and easily heard throughout the auditorium.

“Believing in the principles of student government, I pledge myself to uphold the ideals and regulations of the Mary Baldwin community. I recognize the principles of honor and cooperation as the basis of our life together and shall endeavor faithfully to order my life accordingly and to encourage others to fulfill the ideals of the honor system.”

There were awards which clearly meant a great deal to recipients. Mary Baldwin University President Pamela Fox awarded the President’s Award to Junnell Sample, chair of BPB. Dean Diane Kent and her staff presented three Student Leadership Awards to Victoria TenBroeck, Mei-Ling Fye, and Pre-Ah Winters. The audience cheered throughout the presentations. Other awards and recipients:

  • Unsung Hero Award — Ellesse Ferreol and Kareema Mays
  • Honor and Integrity Award — Christian Peele
  • Organization of the Year Award — Baldwin Program Board
  • Advisor of the Year Award — Velma Carman, Student Life
  • Student Service Award — Erin Storey
  • Organization Service Award — Executive Council

President Fox welcomed everyone and expressed the gratitude of the Mary Baldwin community for all the hard work done by student leaders. Director of Alumnae Office, Senior Class Advisor, and 50th SGA President Lynn Gilliland offered the installation address about service, true service, and the right spirit for authentic leadership. It was a familiar speech for the 2004-05 leaders, and one they had taken to heart. It was the first time many of the new leaders heard from Gilliland – but, one suspects, it won’t be the last.

The final words – before the Mary Baldwin hymn and benediction – came from new SGA President Tiffani Jeffries, who expressed optimism and enthusiasm. It was a rally call to all students to be involved, to step up and participate in shaping their world at Mary Baldwin. Wish all students could have heard it. Makes you want to cheer. Maybe this event should be on the lawn — with loudspeakers.

Your Student Government Association Executive Committee for 2005-06:

  • President — Tiffani Jeffries
  • Vice President — Pa’Trika Thornton
  • Secretary — Betsy Johnson
  • Treasurer — Christina Russell
  • Honor Council Chair — Joanna Hernandez
  • Judicial Board Chair — Janice Udy
  • Residence Hall Chair — Phyllis Gilmore
  • Baldwin Program Board Chair — Patricia Tolbert

Student Media Leaders for 2005-06

What of the students who will manage media next year? Like student government leaders, these individuals must be committed to service. They are called upon for creative effort that seeks to improve upon the work of those who’ve come before them. Student government leaders and media leaders devote enormous amounts of time to these extra-curricular activities that benefit the entire student population – and they must maintain their academic standing as well.

These individuals submit resumes and interview with all members of the Media Advisory Board. The new media leadership for 2005-06:

  • Co-Editors,Campus Commentsstudent newspaper — Sarah Brewer and Maya Smith
  • Editor-in-Chief,Bluestockingyearbook — Mercedes Riddick
  • Production Manager, Mary Baldwin-TV — Samantha Sprole
  • Broadcast Manager, Mary Baldwin-TV — Holly Fuqua