Mary Baldwin Appoints new Director of the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted

August 24, 2005

Dr. Elizabeth Connell returns to Mary Baldwin University as the new director of the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG). Connell takes over PEG as it begins its 20th year.

Founded in 1985, and having a selective enrollment of 75 with students from all over the United States, PEG offers young, academically talented young women the opportunity to begin their college education one to four years early in residence on campus. These young women meet requirements for both high school and college and graduate when they are 17, 18, or 19.

Connell graduated from Mary Baldwin in 1992 and earned her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Georgia. She was a teacher of gifted students in Athens, Georgia and is an active member of the National Association of the Gifted Child and the American Educational Research Association. As a University of Georgia teaching assistant, Connell also worked with students in gifted and creative studies. As an instructor, she taught courses on curriculum and teaching strategies for the gifted.