SAT Scores Up 43 Points

September 8, 2005

The admissions office is working diligently to reach an average SAT score of 1100 for incoming freshmen, an effort referred to as Scenario 1100. The average score of the entering freshman class this fall is 1065, up 43 points from 2004–05, said Mary Baldwin President Pamela Fox. Brenda Bryant, vice president for enrollment management and student life and dean of students, said the increase is encouraging “more than the college expected to achieve in one year ” and that the department will “continue to work to increase scores over the next few years.” SAT scores are one of the primary indicators of academic readiness for college, and admissions looks at them with other factors to find students who are the best fit for Mary Baldwin, Bryant said.

Although projected enrollment for the 2005–06 incoming class in the Residential College for Women is lower than the college’s original goal, the college administration chose to admit only students whose SAT scores would raise or maintain the average rather than focus solely on a quota. During the next few years, Mary Baldwin may admit fewer students, Bryant said, but they will be students who are “ready for college and who are likely to succeed and remain at the college as contributing members of our community.”