Women and The Glass Ceiling

March 23, 2006

Beakers. Microscope slides. Test tubes. Ceilings. All things that are made of glass for women conducting scientific research, according to Sue V. Rosser, Mary Baldwin University’s upcoming Phi Beta Kappa lecturer. Rosser is dean of Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts (part of Georgia Institute of Technology), and a former faculty member at Mary Baldwin. She will discuss the implications of women and the glass ceiling in science at the annual college lecture, held April 6 in Miller Chapel.

Rosser has written several books and numerous articles on gender inequality in science education and professions. She received a Women of Distinction Award from the University in 2004. She is a staunch advocate for the feminist perspective in science, and her nine books include Female-Friendly Science, and, her latest, The Science Glass Ceiling: Academic Women Scientists and the Struggle to Succeed.

The lecture is sponsored by the campus chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Mary Baldwin University is one of only a few colleges to host a chapter of the prestigious society.

The public is invited to hear Dr. Sue Rosser Thursday, April 6 at 12:15 p.m. in Miller Chapel, 110 North Market Street, on the campus of Mary Baldwin University. This event is free of charge.