Mary Baldwin Honors Service to College With Year-End Retirements

April 26, 2006

Retiree reception: 4:30 p.m. May 1, President’s House

Recent and upcoming retirees Dreama Brown, associate budget coordinator, Judy Métraux, director of international programs, and Tom Wiseman, mailroom assistant, will be recognized and congratulated at the event.

Métraux Modeled Personalized International Student Program

One cup sour cream, one pound cream cheese, one teaspoon vanilla. Judy Métraux is busy making copies of her cheesecake recipe, which many of the international students requested she give them before she leaves her post as Mary Baldwin director of international programs and services at the end of the school year.

“You can’t overestimate the power of comfort food in helping students to adjust to being away from home,” said Métraux.

Métraux encourages students from overseas to adopt her own family as an extended family, regularly inviting them for dinner at her Staunton home with husband, Mary Baldwin Professor of Asian Studies Daniel Métraux. Since many of the college’s international students are from Japan and other Asian countries, Métraux usually prepares a meal that combines traditional Asian fare and American favorites, including the coveted cheesecake.

“Living abroad is one of the single most important experiences one can have in life,” Métraux said. “It can also be one of the most frustrating and terrifying if you don’t have a support network.”

Dreama Brown ’86, Mary Baldwin’s Budget Guru

Not many students may know Dreama Brown ’86, but almost every faculty and staff member on campus has talked to her when they needed to know an available account balance — she’s the budget guru in the Business Office. When asked for an account number, more than likely, she can rattle it off without even consulting the books.

It was May 17, 1977 when she stepped onto the Mary Baldwin University campus as secretary to then-new Treasurer and Business Manager Dane J. Cox. Twenty-nine years later she’ll be stepping off campus to rest and spend time with her grandchildren. She outlasted Cox, who was later named as a staff member emeritus, by nine years.

With seven grandchildren and one on the way, the time is right for Brown to retire. For the past year every vacation Brown has taken has been to visit her granddaughter in Texas, and now there’s another baby on the way in that state.