Meet the 2007-08 SGA Executive Council

April 2, 2007


New Executive Council:
President Ashley Graves ’08
Hometown:Richmond, Virginia
Major/Minor:business administration, emphases in marketing and in management
Other Activities:Baldwin Charm, Student Fine Arts Association, theatre department musicals, Students in Free Enterprise, Orientation Leader, VFIC scholar, racquetball
Why did you run for this position?I thought it was a great opportunity to show that I am a leader and that I embrace the three characteristics that describe Mary Baldwin University and its students — strength of mind, body, and character. I treasure this great school, I have a deep loyalty to its students and administration, and I demonstrate my dedication in academics, clubs, organizations, and performances. I would like to give thanks to all those who voted for me and who believe I will be all that I can be.
What are your goals for next year?I want to share in my love of the arts by getting people involved and showing the talent present in the Mary Baldwin community. Next year, get out and participate in some of the many exciting events offered. I will encourage others to contribute to Mary Baldwin’s culture of strong leadership. I want to help students any way that I can, for I am their shoulder to lean on, their classmate, their friend, their president, and, most importantly, their voice.

Vice President Belena Stuart ’08
Hometown:Floyd County, Virginia
Major/Minor:Triple major in Asian studies, international relations, and English with a minor in leadership studies
Other Activities:VWIL Drum Major Sergeant, peer mentor, Omicron Delta Kappa, Air Force ROTC, Honor Scholar
Why did you run for this position?I ran for re-election because I really love Senate. I just wanted to continue doing a job that I love.
What are your goals for next year?To have Senate more involved in community service and to do more joint programming with other organizations on campus.

Secretary Casby Stainback ’09
Hometown:Mechanicsville, Virginia
Major/Minor:Double major in religion and sociology with a political science minor
Other Activities:College Republicans, Sociology Club, Senate
Why did you run for this position?I thought that I could make improvements in the communication between student government and the entire campus.
What are your goals for next year?My goals are to draw more attention to the Senate Web site and to make sure that each student on campus has an opportunity to know what is going on in student government.

Honor Council Chairwoman Christi Davidson ’08
Hometown:Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania
Major/Minor:business administration
Other Activities:Caribbean Student Association
Why did you run for this position?I ran for this position because I felt that I was an excellent candidate to uphold the values and traditions of the Honor Council and college. As Honor Council Chairwoman I felt that I could make a contribution to the betterment our community.
What are your goals for next year?I hope to work in partnership with the Judicial Board and student advocates. I also want Honor Council to reconnect with the student body by being a presence on the halls. I would like to motivate the board to become more involved with the Staunton community.

Judicial Board Chairwoman Samantha Adato ’08
Hometown:Colonial Heights, Virginia
Major/Minor:double major in computer information systems and business with a minor in computer science
Other Activities:Relay for Life co-chair, soccer, math teaching assistant and tutor,Miscellany, Quest
Why did you run for this position?I ran for re-election because I love what I am doing now with JB and EC. The EC is such an influential group, and has made so many positive changes on campus this year. I want to continue the legacy that we started as an EC. Also, working closely with HC has been great, and I see JB moving in a very positive direction on campus.
What are your goals for next year?To continue reworking the Student Handbook so that it makes more sense and making JB more visible to campus. We are striving to make the sanctions clear so students will understand procedure better. The board will also continue working to help the students understand that JB is a positive force, meant to educate, not to police.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Chairwoman Lakeshia Washington ’09
Hometown:Charlottesville, Virginia
Major:sociology/social work
Other activities:volunteer at a Staunton elementary school, Judicial Board, Orientation Leader, Sociology Club secretary, Ida B. Wells Society, Campus Crusaders for Christ
Why did you run for this position?My passion is the Residence Hall Association. I feel dedicated to strengthening our residence halls and becoming the outspoken voice for residential students.
What are your goals for next year?To continue to make RHA well-known, not just on campus, but throughout the community, and hopefully the state. That is possible through campus-wide programming, community service, and recognition of dedicated hall presidents.

Other Student Leaders Elected:

  • RHA Vice Chairwoman: Brianna McCollum ’08
  • RHA Treasurer: Joella Saffore ’09
  • BPB Film/Coffeehouse Committee Chairwoman: Sky Whisonant
  • BPB Social Committee Chairwoman: Porsha Carter ’10
  • BPB Budget Chairwoman: Samantha Smith ’09
  • BPB Special Events Committee Chairwoman: Alison Oelke McCaul ’09
  • Lead Advocate: Emily Hunt ’08
  • Senior Class President: Shannon Maguire ’08
  • Senior Class Vice President: Trisha Vaughan ’08
  • Senior Class Treasurer: Jessica Taylor ’08
  • Junior Class President: Ariel Howard ’09
  • Junior Class Vice President: Alanna Bragg ’09
  • Junior Class Secretary: G’Tearra Gorman ’09
  • Junior Class Treasurer: Joella Saffore ’09
  • Sophomore Class President: Anna Grazynska ’10

Honor Council

  • Kristin Manigault ’08
  • Sarah Wisecup ’09

Judicial Board

  • Yenny Caceres ’10
  • Mary Kate Cowher ’09
  • Katy Hanson ’08
  • Katharine Newman ’09
  • Monica Roberts ’09
  • Ruth Siboni ’10
  • Jessica Taylor ’08
  • Keshia Tenorio ’08

Student Media Leaders

  • BluestockingEditor: Katie Lukhart ’08
  • BluestockingBusiness Manager: Katy Hanson ’08
  • Campus CommentsEditor-in-Chief: Hannah Barrow ’09
  • Mary Baldwin-TV Broadcast Manager: Karina Ngaiza ’08
  • Mary Baldwin-TV Production Manager: Brianna McCollum ’08