Advising Days Prep Incoming Students

July 18, 2007

Includes photo gallery

Fall classes don’t officially start at Mary Baldwin University until August 27, but close to 220 students who enrolled for 2008 have already met their academic advisors, eaten in the dining hall, and possibly even seen their rooms and roommates. Summer advising days — held at Mary Baldwin for the past several years — offer students the invaluable opportunity to discuss their academic plan face-to-face, and many bring their families to explore campus, said Roberta Palmer, director of admissions operations.

“It is a completely student-focused day,” Palmer said. “Good participation on advising days means that incoming students are committed to Mary Baldwin and ready to get started.”

Enrollees trekked to campus from every state on the East Coast from Maine to Florida and a scattering of states in the West, she said. New students like Samantha Engstler of Barboursville, Virginia, who was the first student to make her deposit to become a member of Mary Baldwin’s Class of 2011. Students like Carolyn Rockwell, who attended high school in Switzerland. And students like twin sisters Samantha and Solange Paredes from Gloucester, Virginia. They left campus at the end of the day with knowledge about its buildings, brand-new student ID cards, financial aid information, a course schedule, and much more.

Below are images that capture the excitement and activity of an Mary Baldwin advising day!

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