2008–09 Student Government Officers Elected

April 1, 2008

A record percentage of student voters “Voiced Their Vote” to elect more than 50 student leaders this spring. New leaders will be installed at 5 p.m. April 3 in Francis Auditorium, a ceremony included for the first time in many years as a part of Reunion activities. The event will feature Lydia Woods Peale ’58, who served as Student Government president 50 years ago and has continued a life of civic and global engagement.

Casby StainbackPresident Casby Stainback ’09
Hometown:Mechanicsville, Virginia
Major/Minor:Double major in political science and sociology with a minor in religion
Other Activities:College Republicans, Global Honors Scholar, Senate, Sociology Club
Why did you run for this position?I wanted to have the opportunity to get the executive committee (EC) more involved with other organizations on campus and to make student government more accessible to all students.
What are your goals for next year?My goal is to make everyone on campus feel involved in student government.

Alicia BortoneVice President Alicia Bortone ’09
Hometown:Waldorf, Maryland
Major/Minor:Marketing communication with minors in leadership studies and sociology
Other Activities:Big Sista/Lil Sista, Relay for Life, Honor Council, Physical Plant co-chair for Senate
Why did you run for this position?To become even more involved in Senate. I want to dedicate my time to help increase student awareness about Physical Plant. I wanted the opportunity to try something new and learn more about the EC and to assist in its purpose.
What are your goals for next year?I hope to be able to meet with senators and co-chairs individually next year to reassure them that they can speak freely in Senate and voice their opinions because Senate is for them. I want to also emphasize community service and get senators actively involved in community service opportunities.

Ashley ColemanSecretary Ashley Coleman ’09
Hometown:Culpeper, Virginia
Major/Minor:Double major in Healthcare Administration and sociology with a minor in United States poverty.
Other Activities:Relay for Life co-chair, peer educator, Colleges Against Cancer vice-president, STARS vice-president
Why did you run for this position?I wanted to be a part of student government and represent the student body in the best way I could.
What are your goals for next year?I want to educate the student body about what happens in Senate by creating easy-to-read weekly flyers that will show the main issues to be addressed.

Aja HarveyTreasurer and Inter-Club Council Chairwoman Aja Harvey ’09
Hometown:Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Major/Minor:Asian Studies with a minor in music
Other Activities:Ida B. Wells Society
Why did you run for this position?I really liked the experience I had last year on EC and wanted to do it again with more knowledge under my belt.
What are your goals for next year?To do the best I can as a senior member of student leadership, and leave Mary Baldwin with something they can be proud of.

Sarah WisecupHonor Council Chairwoman Sarah Wisecup ’09
Hometown:Navy child, currently based in southern California
Major/Minor:Sociology with a minor in leadership studies
Other Activities:Army ROTC, peer advisor, Baldwin Charm
Why did you run for this position?After two years as a representative, I wanted to take on the challenge of leading the board as its chairwoman. I love being a member of Honor Council and truly believe in upholding the ideals of honor and integrity within the college community.
What are your goals for next year?I hope to increase freshmen awareness of the Honor Council and our duties on campus. I also would like to build a stronger relationship between all members of the EC and involve the Honor Council in more campus activities. Another goal of mine is to bring awareness of the council and our year-round duties to members of the campus community.

Janell HendersonJudicial Board Chairwoman Janell Henderson ’09
Hometown:Atlanta, Georgia
Major/Minor:Philosophy and religion with a minor in African-American studies
Other Activities:Black Student Alliance, Quest, Ida B. Wells
Why did you run for this position?Since my first day at Mary Baldwin, I have held a special interest in the Judicial Board (JB). Over the years my passion for JB has only grown, and I knew that when the opportunity presented itself I would run for chairwoman to be an avenue for change and to maintain the changes that have already been implemented.
What are your goals for next year?One of my goals is to make sure JB representatives and the college’s code of conduct are known throughout campus. Encouraging JB representatives to attend all hall meetings will help us accomplish this.

Alison Oelke McCaulBaldwin Program Board (BPB) Chairwoman Alison Oelke McCaul ’09
Hometown:Baltimore, Maryland
Major/Minor:Sociology/social work with a minor in studio art
Other Activities:PEG Steering Committee, Spencer Society
Why did you run for this position?I have devoted myself to BPB for two years and I wanted to continue to improve our standards of excellence, and to serve the students.
What are your goals for next year?My goals are to build leadership from the committees up to board members and to listen to the students to continue to improve the quality of events.

Michelle BingerResidence Hall Association (RHA) Chairwoman Michelle Binger ’09
Hometown:Hampton, Virginia
Major/Minor:Double major in political science and international relations and double minors in Asian Studies and peacemaking
Other Activities:Secular Student Collective, Mary Baldwin Earth, fencing
Why did you run for this position?I came into this position earlier this year when the former chairwoman had to step down. I had already served as a hall president the year before and loved the experiences and close connections. I ran for reelection because I have enjoyed every minute of working with such a great group of student leaders!
What are your goals for next year?The current board is very interested in making changes to the RHA constitution to strengthen the ties between hall presidents, Judicial Board, Honor Council, resident advisors, and residents. I would also like to put more effort into making events such as Roommate Game show and Mardi Gras even more successful.

Other Student Leaders Elected
BPB Budget Chairwoman:Arielle Acosta ’09
BPB Film and Coffeehouse Chairwoman:Najat Wright ’11
BPB Special Events Chairwoman:Samantha Smith ’09
RHA Vice Chairwoman:Samantha Skiba ’10
RHA Secretary:Samantha Engstler ’11
Lead Advocate:Erin Paschal ’10
Senior Class President:Ariel Howard
Senior Class Vice President:Alanna Bragg
Senior Class Secretary:Monica Roberts
Senior Class Treasurer:Joella Saffore
Junior Class President:Anna Grazynska
Junior Class Vice President:Sara Norton
Junior Class Treasurer:Cayce Buchanan
Sophomore Class President:Candace Klementowicz
Sophomore Class Vice President:Ann Philip
Sophomore Class Secretary:Naianka Rigaud
Class of 2009 Honor Council Representatives:Kristina Banks, Elizabeth Dattilio, Kristin Manigault
Class of 2010 Honor Council Representatives:Linde Bischak, Alice Dees, Saarika Koneru
Class of 2009 Judicial Board Representatives:Aubrey de Cheubell, Angela Vess
Class of 2010 Judicial Board Representatives:Yenny Caceres, Devon Chenette, Kristyn Fields, Jimena Hernandez, Ruth Siboni
Class of 2011 Judicial Board Representatives:Felicia Byrd, Melissa Elsey, Kasey Lohr
Student Advocates:Kimberly Parker ’11, Ann Philip ’11

Student Media Leaders
Elected by the Media Advisory Board (membership includes students, faculty, and staff)
BluestockingEditor:Mary Kate Cowher ’09
Campus CommentsCo-Editors-in-Chief:Hannah Barrow ’09, Vicki Jenkins ’09
Mary Baldwin-TV Broadcast Manager:Jessica Erwin ’09
Mary Baldwin-TV Production Manager:Kristina Banks ’09