Convocation: Class of 2012 Gets the Baldwin Spirit

September 4, 2008

Students assemble for ConvocationIn the final moments of a fast-paced and exhilarating Orientation, 315 new students in the Residential College for Women gathered in First Presbyterian Church with student leaders and administrators for Opening Convocation. The Student Government Association executive committee organized the event with SGA President Casby Stainback presiding. Mary Baldwin University President Pamela Fox’s welcoming address elicited audible expressions of emotion. Mallory Showalter ’08 spoke about the history and meaning behind the class colors — purple and gold — which her class passed on to the Class of 2012.

For a roll call of states, members of the SGA executive committee introduced new students’ home states and countries with a bit of information about women leaders from those places. After reciting the college’s Statement of Inclusivity together, students wrote personal goals for the academic year on index cards and placed them in a basket decorated with the class colors. At the end of the year, the goals will be read again so that each student may see how far she has already come in her journey.

A candlelight circle has become a recent tradition at Mary Baldwin ConvocationTo crown the evening, all those attending walked from the church onto campus where they formed a grand circle around the central quad of lower campus (Grafton Library, up both sides of the stairways to Hunt Dining Hall. In the deepening dusk, everyone held a lighted candle and sang theHymn to Mary Baldwinled by Baldwin Charm. Now, truly part of the Mary Baldwin community, new students began their academic journey.

Please read convocation addresses by Mary Baldwin President Fox, SGA President Casby Stainback ’09, and Mallory Showalter ’08:

Dr. Pamela Fox: ‘You Are Composing Your Life”
Casby Stainback ’09: “A Baldwin Woman Executes Excellence Every Day”
Mallory Showalter ’08: “From the Class of 2008 to the Class of 2012: The Purple and Gold”

The First Day

By Interim Dean of the College Dr. Edward Scott

And on the first day . . . .

Bring the light by which to learn

Bring the fire by which to burn

Quench the all excelling thirst for wisdom and ring the bell for marvel.

On the first day we surely cannot moan the labor we justly own.

I am so grateful for the excitement each of you brings to boldly show the intellectual passion for art and science, for investigations of the “things beneath and above the earth.”

Thank you for thrilling these student (each and every one) about the “law of the starry heavens above us and the moral law within us.”

The first day well begun, what can the second bring to increase this store?

“Boldly Baldwin” and boldly yours.