Apple Day 2008: An Ode to the Apple

September 26, 2008

Mary Baldwin University celebrates Apple Day, an annual college tradition, October 1

Ode to the Apple
Mary Baldwin is not shy about honoring special fruits;
Apple Day relives tradition and takes us back to our roots.
On that unconventional October day apples take center stage,
allowing a rare time to reflect and relax in this day and age.

There are games and apple treats, as you might have heard,
but did you know students also pick at a nearby orchard?
The sweet treats are weighed and donated to those in need
and students revel in camaraderie and doing a good deed.

The college’s celebration is not without solid reason,
there is much to laud about apples in their high season.
Next time you bite in, keep the apple’s merits in mind;
you’ll be glad to know more about the fruit on which you dined.

An Mary Baldwin student gleans apples at a nearby orchard during a recent Apple Day

Varieties include Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Jonagold,
but there are many more facts you might not have been told.
For example, China tops the list for apple production,
and their powerful antioxidants help the body function.

There’s truth to the saying about “an apple a day;”
fiber and Vitamin C keep illnesses (and doctors) away.
And did you know the apple is a relative of the rose?
In Washington, New York, and Michigan many an apple tree grows.

Apples have long been a subject of legend and lore —
They’re connected with beauty, wisdom, and health for sure.
The apple’s association with paradise transcends culture and creed
From Hera’s garden in Greek mythology to Eden’s tempting seed.

Many know of William Tell, who split an apple with his spear
And the tale of Newton’s Apple is another we hold dear.
One of America’s fondest stories is of Johnny Appleseed
Who traveled frontier lands planting trees on which to feed.

The red, green, yellow fruits inspire many a turn of phrase,
With sayings like these, we could go on and on for days:
When someone catches your fancy, they’re the “Apple of your eye,”
Or you might say something is “As American as apple pie.”

Through the lines of this ode we hope your apple facts did expand
to realize it is more than the name of a trendy computer brand.
So why does Mary Baldwin celebrate such an ordinary fruit?
For its nutrition, inspiration, and popularity, the apple we salute.

An Mary Baldwin student paints a window of a Staunton business during a recent Apple Day celebrationMary Baldwin Apple Day Schedule

Apple Eve, September 30

    • Picnic (dinner service): 5-7pm, Physical Activities Center (PAC) track


  • Pack the PAC: Support the Squirrels in a home volleyball game vs. Ferrum. 7pm, PAC Gym
  • Attack the PAC: Dodgeball tournament, sophomore Apple Princess voting, DJ, T-shirts for sale. 9pm, PAC Gym

Apple Day, October 1

    • Apple Gleaning: Travel to Johnson Brothers orchard in Bedford County, donate apples to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Buses leave from SAC parking lot, 8am


    • Paint the Town: Paint windows of participating downtown businesses. Meet at Hunt Dining Hall, 8:30am


    • Apple Brunch: Sample apple treats created by the dining hall staff. 11am –2pm, Hunt Dining Hall


  • Carnival: Obstacle course (new), make your own street sign (new), mechanical bull, car crunch, and booths set up by campus organizations. 2–5pm, SAC parking lot.