Baldwin Breathes Life into the Blue and Red

November 5, 2008

Mock election update:Mary Baldwin students held two mock elections this month, and both accurately predicted Barack Obama as the winner of the 2008 presidential campaign. The results of the mock election sponsored by College Republicans favored Senator Obama by 67% of the vote to Senator McCain’s 31% and 6% for third party candidates. Students also voted in an online mock election sponsored by the Student Government Association. The results were almost identical: 67% Obama, 30% McCain, and 4% third-party. Thanks to all who participated!

It’s no surprise that presidential politics have had major presence on the Mary Baldwin University campus this fall, as they have at colleges and universities around the country. Regardless of candidate affiliation, the overriding message on campus throughout campaign season was not to sway people to one party or another, but to encourage informed voting.

During the final month of campaigning, Mary Baldwin students, faculty, and staff put familiar faces on election coverage locally and nationally:

Senior Casby Stainback supports Senator John McCain, but she got the last word in an Associated Press article with her non-partisan parting line, “The more people who participate, the better off we’ll be.” Visit this link to read the article, which was picked up in more than 160 national and regional media outlets. Stainback, Mary Baldwin Student Government Association president, was interviewed by Chicago AP reporter Martha Irvine, and the piece continues to appear in the news.

Closer to home, Kim McClees ’12, Samantha Smith ’09, and Executive Director of Student Life Lisa Wells offered their expertise and opinions in voter awareness pieces in The News Leader.

Magan Winstead ’10, was featured on Harrisonburg’s WHSV-TV3 about absentee voting,

Dozens of students boarded a bus to head to a Barack Obama rally at nearby James Madison University October 27, where young Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and undecideds were all greeted with the same enthusiasm. Senior Arielle Acosta and student Felicia Byrd appeared on camera for Charlottesville’s WCAV-TV while at the rally:

Steve Mosher, professor of political science and Healthcare Administration, lent his expertise about national healthcare in an online piece about candidates’ positions on that issue: