Female Adaptability Celebrated During Women’s History Month

March 9, 2009

Are the multi-faceted women of today stronger than ever? Is there more or less support for women who carry more than one load? What tactics did Renaissance women use historically to intertwine their many roles? These are some of the questions Ruth Siboni ’09, a member of Mary Baldwin University’s Status of Women Committee, hopes will be addressed during Women’s History Month on campus in March.

“Historically, women have really had to weave a number of different components of their lives to ‘make it work,’” said Siboni, who helped develop the theme for the month, The New Renaissance Woman. “It is interesting to think about how women often become mothers, leaders, caregivers, and more, while retaining their interests, values, and spiritual beliefs.”

PICTURE DESCRIPTIONWomen’s History Month is an opportunity to show off, celebrate, and further develop the talents of women on campus and in the community, said Ivy Arbul