2009-10 Student Government Officers Elected

April 16, 2009

Meet the new SGA executive committee:

Spring Break punctuated three weeks of intense Student Government Association elections, resulting in more than 50 new student leaders. New officers were installed and additional student leadership awards presented April 7, followed by an SGA Banquet, which included candle lighting, a gift exchange, and the traditional title-passing ceremony.

Erin PaschalPresident Erin Paschal ’10
Hometown:Athens, Georgia
Major/Minor:political science major, minor in economics
Other Activities:lead advocate, president of College Democrats, swim coach for Staunton league
Why did you run for this position?Throughout my year as lead advocate and a member of the executive committee, I found that students have many ideas and suggestions for the college, but do not know they have an immediate outlet for those comments. I ran because I want students to be able to impact the system, and I want to help accomplish their suggestions.
What are your goals for next year?The goals I have for the SGA next year ultimately come down to one focus: I want all students to know they have a direct line of communication to our student government and be confident that their ideas will be heard by those who can make changes. I have ideas, my fellow EC members have ideas, but we need other student input, too.

Kara JenkinsVice President Kara Jenkins ’11
Hometown:Stephens City, Virginia
Major/Minor:history major, minors in education, public history, historic preservation, and business
Other Activities:volleyball, President’s Society, Student Athletic Association Council chairwoman
Why did you run for this position?I ran for this position because I wanted the honor of conducting student Senate. I have been a member of Senate for two years and have served as hall senator, spirit co-chair, and Senate parliamentarian. I have loved Senate since my freshman year. The vice president position is a honor and I am looking forward to working with the EC and the entire student body.
What are your goals for next year?One of my goals for next year is to get the student body more involved. It is clear to me that students have a say on the campus, so it is important that all students become involved!

Linde BischakSecretary Linde Bischak ’10
Hometown:Angola, Indiana
Major/Minor:double major in mathematics and computer science/mathematics
Other Activities:Global Honors Scholar, volleyball, President’s Society, Yellow Ribbon Project, Honor Council, Senate co-chair of academic affairs
Why did you run for this position?I want to help make Mary Baldwin the best it can be for 2009–10 and couldn’t think of a better way to do that than as a member of EC!
What are your goals for next year?I’d like the student body to be more aware of what Senate does every week and how it affects them, which I hope will encourage students to participate and take an interest in what happens on their campus.

Cayce BuchananTreasurer and Inter-Club Council Chairwoman Cayce Buchanan ’10
Hometown:Richmond, Virginia
Major/Minor:marketing communication major, minor in sociology
Other Activities:currently RHA treasurer and Class of 2010 treasurer
Why did you run for this position?To continue my involvement with student leadership and to be an active participant at Mary Baldwin.
What are your goals for next year?I would like more club participation and involvement on campus and for people to be familiar with ICC. I would love to get incoming freshmen involved with clubs and make an immediate connection.

Saarika KoneruHonor Council Chairwoman Saarika Koneru ’10
Hometown:Atlanta, Georgia
Major/Minor:biology major, minor in chemistry
Other Activities:Circle K International, piano
Why did you run for this position?To continue improving and strengthening the SGA by informing the student body of the codes by which it operates.
What are your goals for next year?To help students recognize HC representatives as well as the codes and procedures of Honor Council.

Devon ChenetteJudicial Board Chairwoman Devon Chenette ’10
Hometown:Rochester, New York; currently Richmond, Virginia
Major/Minor:biology major, minor in chemistry
Other Activities:Circle K International, Colleges Against Cancer, Relay for Life
Why did you run for this position?I am passionate about the college’s judicial system. I would like the Judicial Board to be viewed as an efficient and fair force on campus. Enabling the continued development of the Judicial Board means so much to me.
What are your goals for next year?I would like to offer better training for JB representatives. Training would emphasize positive recognition in halls as well as the campus as a whole. Each representative should be in communication with her RAs and be trusted on her hall by practicing confidentiality with each student. I will address timeliness as well as consistency in protocol. Finally, I would like to stress the unity on halls between JB representatives, HC representatives, and the residence hall’s student advocate.

Samantha SkibaResidence Hall Association (RHA) Chairwoman Samantha Skiba ’10
Hometown:Harrisonburg, Virginia
Major/Minor:biology major, studio art minor
Other Activities:President’s Society secretary, student assistant in Registrar’s Office
Why did you run for this position?RHA has been a part of my life at Mary Baldwin since my freshman year. I have enjoyed working with many different women, planning events, and being a part of the board, so I wanted to take it to the next level.
What are your goals for next year?I would like to continue to improve visibility of RHA so students know who we are and what we do for them, and what their hall presidents can do for them. I would like to continue to build up our signature events such as Mardi Gras dinner and The Roommate Game Show, and work with hall presidents for increased programming in residence halls.

RHA Vice Chairwoman:Samantha Engstler ’11
RHA Secretary:Naianka Rigaud ’11
RHA Treasurer:Audrey Wong ’12
Class of 2010 President:Anna Grazynska
Class of 2010 Vice President:Sara Norton
Class of 2010 Treasurer:Dariya Caron
Class of 2011 President:Naianka Rigaud
Class of 2012 President:Niki Bender
Class of 2012 Treasurer:Audrey Wong

Honor Council Representative — Class of 2010
Meghan Corrigan-Cummins
Ann Philip

Honor Council Representative — Class of 2011
April Lao
Danielle McBride

Honor Council Representative — Class of 2012
Niki Bender
Ali Sanne

Judicial Board Representative — Class of 2010
Jimena Hernandez
Kelly Rose Spessard

Judicial Board Representative — Class of 2011
A’ra Alston
Quinesha Cruz
Melissa Elsey
Shannon Epps

Judicial Board Representative — Class of 2012
Shannon Harris

Student Advocate — Class of 2012
Allison Cartwright

Editor-in-chiefCampus Comments
Jordan Fowler ’10

Business managerCampus Comments
Ali Sanne ’12

Production manager Mary Baldwin-TV
Tanisha Tyler ’10

Broadcast manager Mary Baldwin-TV
Cori Kasura ’10