Faculty and Staff Honored for Service

May 27, 2009

More than 30 Mary Baldwin University faculty and staff were honored for their service at the college’s anticipated post-Commencement tradition, the faculty and staff appreciation breakfast. Many gathered to recognize the hard work and dedication of recent retirees, including Shirley Craft and Aubrey Jackson, who were on hand to hear thank-yous from President Pamela Fox and many others. Those who reached service milestones at the college were also celebrated.

Shirley CraftResearch Director ‘Craft’ed Memorable Career

For more than 20 years, Shirley Craft scoured newspaper clippings, court records, institutional databases, Lexis Nexis, and countless other sources for information about people who were potential contributors — financially or otherwise. She did it all while maintaining high standards for confidentiality and the person’s privacy.

In January 2009, Craft left her position as director of prospect research and records with more experience and opportunities than she could have imagined.

“I was already pretty adept at genealogy research — just through my own curiosity and teaching myself how to do it — so performing searches for people the college was interested in was an extension of that, like putting a puzzle together. The position took me beyond the routine and I was able to trace family histories and relationships and I discovered the influence of Mary Baldwin on Staunton and the wider area,” she said.

One of the accomplishments in her late career was obtaining up-to-date or new research for 350 fundraising prospects in 2004–05, a task she completed with Joan Clark, former research associate. She also supported the cause during two major fundraising efforts, the Sesquicentennial Campaign and Leadership Initiative.

Aubrey JacksonJackson was Dependable, Personable as Mailroom Supervisor

Aubrey Jackson had talked for years about retiring from his post supervising the delivery of about 3,500–4,000 pieces of mail that pass weekly through the Mary Baldwin campus mail system. In December 2008, at age 75, he made it official.

It was during 26 years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force that Jackson became acquainted with the federal mail system when he was assigned to work in the United States Postal Service. “I’ve always loved working with mail,” he said.

“It’s rewarding to me to know that I’m helping students receive word from home or a package they’ve been looking forward to,” Jackson said in 2006, when he first started thinking about retirement. The busiest days for campus mail are Valentine’s Day and Halloween, he added.

“People depend on the mail system, and I hope I helped them feel that they can rely on the campus system,” said Jackson, who trained Billy Coffey to take over his role as mailroom supervisor at the beginning of spring semester.

In addition to Craft and Jackson, the Mary Baldwin University community will feel the spaces left by these faculty and staff members who left the college for various reasons:

    • MARY ALTIZER, housekeeper, 2005-2008. Altizer passed away this year after saying goodbye to Mary Baldwin in December 2008 due to health.


    • PEGGY (PEROZZO) ANKNEY, associate professor of physics, 2001–2009


    • CARRIE DOUGLASS, professor of anthropology, 1988–2009


    • VLADIMIR GARKOV, associate professor of chemistry, 1992–2009


    • JULIE GARKOV, instructor of Spanish, 1993–2009


    • ANNE HANGER, visiting professor of art, 2002–2009


    • MONIQUE JOHNSON, a dedicated member of the housekeeping staff for 23 years, also retired in August 2008.


    • EIKO MAUZY, housekeeper, 1988–2008. A beloved fixture in the Administration Building for many years, Mauzy was on campus to receive her 20-year service award, but retired in June 2008 and passed away shortly after. The housekeeping staff honored her with the planting of a Japanese cherry tree and plaque near the college greenhouse on Coalter Street.



Congratulations to the following individuals celebrating the indicated years of consecutive service to the college.

30 years

    • Patty Davis


25 years

    • Joyce Franklin


20 years

    • Becky McCray
    • Beverly Askegaard
    • Lucy Crews
    • Anne Holland ’88
    • Lydia Petersson


15 years

    • Jeff Bennett
    • Donna Bowyer
    • Donna Crowe
    • Tina Kincaid ’93
    • Sue Howdyshell


10 years

    • Deborah Fisher
    • Lori Johnson
    • Kay Rexrode
    • Sylvia Strother
    • Lonnie Wallace
    • Michael Bissell
    • Debra Camden
    • Nelson Sanchez


5 years

    • Angela Alltop
    • Richard Arnold
    • Melinda Brown
    • Dedra Johnson
    • Carol Larson
    • Kim Robinson
    • Heather Ward
    • Roger Wilborn