Scott ‘Catches Comet by the Tail’ as Interim Dean

June 8, 2009

Resolution honoring Dr. Scott’s service to the college, which was read at several occasions as his three-year term as interim dean drew to a close in spring 2009:

Dr. Edward Scott jokes with Lallon Pond, associate professor of business administration, at a faculty and staff reception at the home of Mary Baldwin President Pamela Fox WHEREAS Dr. Edward Scott graciously and enthusiastically stepped into the position of interim vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college in 2006 while Mary Baldwin University searched for a new administrator; and

WHEREAS he remained gracious and enthusiastic (and continued to inspire in his classroom as well) when the original one-year appointment continued into a second year; and

WHEREAS his grace and enthusiasm did not waver, but, indeed, intensified, as his interim post entered its third year; and

WHEREAS during that time he was instrumental in the conception, execution, and celebration of the opening of the Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement, which has become the college’s rallying core and inspired life-changing programs; and

WHEREAS his leadership and desire — no, requirement — for collaboration on every level inspired faculty and staff to cull their imaginations and intellects to create a feast of innovative academic programs and projects; and

WHEREAS “he did not use the mechanics of a now virtual universe of on-screen commands and messages to convey his authority, but regularly left his office and traversed effortlessly between administrative space, faculty and staff offices, and classrooms to ‘conduct business,’ ‘solve a problem,’ or ‘work through a conflict’ in the flesh,” saith Dr. Roderic Owen, professor of philosophy; and

WHEREAS his fervent and heartfelt welcoming addresses — and even more significant, personal interaction — with prospective students on college visit days and Future Freshman Fridays made it nearly impossible for young women not to enroll at Mary Baldwin; and

WHEREAS “this humble and wise man cared enough to make the problems of those in need — be it student, faculty, or staff member — his own; he embodies the characteristics Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu described: ‘Kindness in words creates confidence; kindness in thinking creates profoundness; kindness in giving creates love,’” saith Terri Walker, administrative coordinator of academic affairs; and

WHEREAS he did not falter in his rousing service to community, specifically as pastor of Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church and a member of the Staunton School Board, during his tenure as interim dean, making a real difference in the lives of area residents; and

WHEREAS the Mary Baldwin community recognizes over and again the power of his deep and infectious laugh, specifically during one unmentionable “boa” incident, saith Teri Maerki, administrative assistant to the president;

WHEREAS “fellow faculty have heard