Online Mary Baldwin Magazine Offers Another Chance to Connect

January 26, 2010

Videos, photo galleries, and Twitter posts: there is now more to The Mary Baldwin University Magazine than ever before — online. The well-established print version of the magazine will continue to be delivered to more than 18,000 alumnae/i, parents, faculty, staff, and friends around the country, but many readers have already noticed additional features available at

We hope others share the enthusiasm of Lindsey Lieberman ’04, who posted this message on the college’s Facebook page in early January: “just read the Mary Baldwin Magazine … online! Absolutely brilliant. Best idea ever!”

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find online:

  • A flip-though version of the entire publication, powered by Issuu, an online viewing tool that allows publications to be stored, too.
  • A short video interview with former Mary Baldwin employee Shirley Craft, who discovered 100-year-old handwriting of an Mary Baldwin alumna in a book she bought at auction.
  • A photo gallery of students and faculty interaction in and out of the classroom, by magazine photographer Woods Pierce.
  • An invitation to tweet your greeting to new vice president and dean of the college, Catharine O’Connell.
  • Links to the Web sites referenced in the print magazine (so you don’t have to worry about typing in long, complicated addresses).

We recently invited Mary Baldwin alumnae/i who live overseas to view the magazine online — resulting in reduced mailing costs — and the format will be helpful when referencing articles when college personnel are talking to interested people while traveling, among other uses. And when that print version is buried under other periodicals and mail (or when you receive the next issue), the winter 2009-10 edition will still be there.

We hope to expand online content for future issues, so send us your suggestions about what you would like to see there.