New My Mary Baldwin site offers one stop for important resources

February 3, 2010

Tired of navigating through Web page after Web page or making a handful of phone calls to get the information you need as a student, faculty, or staff member at Mary Baldwin University? My Mary Baldwin, a new site accessed via the Mary Baldwin home page, can now be your one-stop shop. The site is envisioned by creators in Computer Information Systems and Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs as the place where Mary Baldwin community members will start their day, check a calendar of events, see announcements, and take care of business such as entering grades or checking class schedules.

My Mary Baldwin provides much of the same information and actions as the college’s online registrar — which will continue to operate, if you prefer to use that site — and adds access to events and campus life, important resources, and college news. Use your Mary Baldwin username and password to login for more features.

If you’re a student, you’ll see:

  • your class schedule and registration
  • Business Office account information
  • financial aid awards
  • 1098T data for your tax returns
  • future classes you may want to take
  • register for classes
  • academic history, including grades
  • an unofficial transcript you can print

If you’re a faculty member, you can access:

  • your teaching schedule
  • class lists with student names and e-mail addresses, which you can export to Excel
  • ability to e-mail all students in your class
  • a tool to view and enter grades for your students

If you’re an advisor, you are able to:

  • see and print class schedules for your advisees (with instructor’s names)
  • see and print their academic or course history
  • perform GPA projections
  • see and print grade reports or unofficial transcripts
  • complete add or drop registrations
  • export your advisee list to Excel and e-mail all your advisees

Keep watching the site for updates; it is an evolving addition to