2010-2011 SGA Officers Elected

February 11, 2010

Mary Baldwin University congratulates the following students for their election to the 2010-11 Student Government Association Executive Committee! Look for more information about the new officers in the March Cupola and on Mary Baldwin News.

Kara Jenkins ’11

Vice President
Gretchen Domaleski ’11

Shannon Harris ’12

Treasurer and Inter-Club Council Chairwoman
Shannon Epps ’11

Judicial Board Chairwoman
Melissa Elsey ’12

Honor Council Chairwoman
Danielle McBride ’11

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Chairwoman

Naka Rigaud ’11

Lead Advocate
Lisa Craig ’11

Baldwin Program Board
Vice Chair – Nicole Butler ’11
Secretary – Alexcys Evans ’13

Residence Hall Association Board
Vice Chair – Laura Kleiner ’11
Secretary – Courtney Saunders ’10

Class of 2011
President – Candace Klementowicz
Vice President – Kate Hawald
Secretary – Jasmine Witmer
Treasurer – Megan Pitts

Class of 2012
President – Shavoni Yarborough
Vice President – Sha Hillsman
Secretary – Sienna Fleming

Class of 2013
President – Alexcys Evans
Vice President – Telsa Goodrich
Secretary – Tanseha Jones

Honor Council Representatives

Class of 2011
La Keisha Daughtry
April Lao
Ann Philip

Class of 2012
Angela Gupta
Priyanka Nadar
Shavoni Yarborough

Class of 2013
Keiana Harris

Judicial Board Representatives

Class of 2011
A’ra Alston
Kadeish Brown
Quinesha Cruz
Dejia Hubbard

Class of 2012
Krittika Krishnan
Meredith Miller
Teyanda Payne
Kristin Reese

Class of 2013
Whitney Brooks
Stephanie Cabacoy
Victoria Ferguson
Erika Goodwin
Kayla Dalton, member-at-large

Student Advocates

Class of 2011
Theresa Romero

Class of 2012
Terressence Crumity
Morgan Lowery
Ellen Jean Selby

Class of 2013

Quiana Robinson
Shelley Rubiani