The Next Generation of Boldly Baldwin Women

March 4, 2010

Installation of new Student Government Association officers is an Mary Baldwin tradition that occurs every spring. The annual ceremony not only signals the passage of the torch of leadership from one generation of Mary Baldwin students to the next, it marks the commitment to uphold student governance and the honor code. Current officers swear in the new officers, remove their mortarboards, and place them on the head of their successors.

Each year we also honor the bold Baldwin women and organizations who spend their year working to make life and activities for their fellow students the best that they can be.

For her commitment to academics, honor, integrity, exceptional leadership qualities, and her service to others, Erin Paschal ’10 was awarded the President’s Award.

Seniors Stephanie Oldaker and Kathryn Stephens were awarded the Student Leadership Award for their commitment to academics, their ability to motivate and inspire others to action, their strong communicational skills, and the care they show for others.

Masayo Maeda ’10 is a student who demonstrates respect for all people and values the diverse prospectives of others. For these qualities, she was awarded the Global Citizenship Award.

For exceeding expectations in her service to the college, as well as her overall care and concern for the Mary Baldwin community, Shaterika Parks ’10 was awarded the Unsung Hero Award.

Other leadership awards:
Advisor of the Year Award: Andrea Cornett-Scott
Organization of the Year Award: Baldwin Program Board
Organization Service Award: Ida B. Wells
Senator of the Year: Claudia Bowen ’10
Hall President of the Year: Courtney Saunders ’12
Co-Chairs of the Year: Jasmine Witmer ’11 and Megan Pitts ’11




Meet the New SGA Executive Council

President Kara Jenkins ’11
Hometown: Stephens City, Virginia
High School: Sherando High School
Major/Minor: Double major in history and business, and minors in historic preservation and public history
Other Activities: President’s Society, STARS, Colleges Against Cancer, Phi Alpha Theta vice president, Global Honors Scholar, Women for Healthy Lifestyles peer advisor, current SGA vice president
Why did you run for this position? This campus has given me so much I felt that I needed to give back to her. I really want to make a difference on this campus and I know next year I can! It’s also important for everyone else to know that they can make a change and can be heard.
What are your goals for next year? I would like to see more participation and involvement in student government. I want to let it be known that everyone has a voice. The orientation theme the year I entered was “Many Voices, One Song.” I want to make our campus more involved, not only in our specific clubs, but in campuswide activities, too. I really want to bring the campus community together.

Vice President Gretchen Domaleski ’11
Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia
High School: Stafford Senior High School, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Major/Minor: Communication major, leadership studies and peacemaking and conflict resolution minors
Other Activities: VWIL, President’s Society, junior class officer, Circle K International, Mary Baldwin Ambassadors, Campus Girl Scouts
Why did you run for this position? I wanted to make a difference my senior year. Serving as the junior class vice president this year, I began to see my own unique part of Mary Baldwin. Most of my leadership experience is rooted in military rank through VWIL. I want to leave college knowing I made not only an impact on the corps and those I’ve trained, but also the college itself.
What are your goals for next year? Serving as SGA vice president and Senate president, I hope to bring the different Leadership Gateways together. It is my goal to see the campus more involved as a family unit, supporting each other and bringing issues to the student body. Mary Baldwin is rooted in our traditions, and I value the roots of where we all began.

Secretary Shannon Harris ’12
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
High School: Baltimore City College High School
Major/Minor: Double major in English and political science, creative writing minor
Other Activities: Staff writer for Campus Comments, vice president of College Democrats, vice president of Tallulah’s Dahlings, head tech of Mary Baldwin Radio and co-host of the show Expressionz, senator for Memorial Residence Hall, Quest, Organizing for America intern
Why did you run for this position? I ran for the position of SGA secretary for a number of reasons, but most importantly because I am a firm believer that students should actively participate in the world and society in which they live. If there is something in our way of living, operating, or functioning that deeply concerns us, we have both the privilege and opportunity to embrace it, or to change it. I also ran because I take pride in student leadership. I’ve been interested/involved with SGA-related activities since middle school, and have developed a great sense of passion both for the title the position holds and the task that comes with it. It is an honor to be elected by the student body to represent them in the truly “Boldly Baldwin” fashion that is encouraged and embraced the moment you step on the Mary Baldwin campus.
What are your goals for next year? Being a part of SGA is not simply another title to add to a resume, but another privilege and honor provided by the Mary Baldwin University community. My goals as a member of the EC include raising not simply the awareness of the student body to SGA, but the interest to actively participate in one shape or form — whether it is raising a concern in student Senate, attending an open session of a Honor Council/Judicial Board meeting, or even taking that bold step to run for office themselves. In addition, along with my fellow EC members, I would like to work on creating or restoring an even closer relationship with the student body.

Treasurer and Inter-Club Council Chairwoman Shannon Epps ’11
Hometown: Ashland, Virginia
High School: Patrick Henry High School
Major/Minor: Double major in international relations and Asian Studies, economics minor
Other Activities: College Republicans, Soles4Souls
Why did you run for this position? I ran for SGA treasurer because I have worked with allocations during the appeals process, I have witnessed the process of allocations when brought before Senate and have also seen controversy about the Student Activities Fund (SAF). I believe I can make a difference and I intend to do so.
What are your goals for next year? I want to educate the student body on the financial aspect of their community and how to budget wisely. I hope to educate all students about the SAF. I wish to make the allocation process smoother for future treasurers and set up guidelines for clubs that receive allocations.

Honor Council Chairwoman Danielle McBride ’11
Hometown: Beckley, West Virginia
High School: Greater Beckley Christian School
Major/Minor: International relations major, history minor
Other Activities: Survivorship chair for Relay for Life
Why did you run for this position? I really care about the Honor Code, and I genuinely want to see a change be brought about in the SGA.
What are your goals for next year? I want to revise the Honor Council Constitution. I also want to put effort into educating the student body about the Honor System.

Judicial Board Chairwoman Melissa Elsey ’12
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
High School: Stafford Senior High School, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Major/Minor: Sociology major, business administration minor
Other Activities: Soles4Souls, STARS, College Republicans, President’s Society, Big Sister/Little Sister
Why did you run for this position? I have a strong passion for Judicial Board. I have been on the board for two years and served as co-chair this year.
What are your goals for next year? Make sure that the overall reputation of Judicial Board isn’t that we are the police on campus. I want to form a sense of community and trust with our residents.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Chairwoman Naianka “Naka” Rigaud ’11
Hometown: Petion-Ville, Haiti
Major/Minor: Double major in psychology and political science, Spanish minor
Other Activities: Junior class president, Colleges Against Cancer, President’s Society, STARS, Soles4Souls
Why did you run for this position? I ran for the position of RHA chairwoman because for the past two years during which I’ve been in RHA, I have enjoyed every bit of it. RHA is so special to me, because it is my way to give back to the Mary Baldwin community.
What are your goals for next year? My main goal is to bring the community together and to improve the correspondence between student government and the rest of the student body.

Lead Advocate Lisa Craig ’11
Hometown: Grottoes, Virginia
High School: Fort Defiance High School
Major/Minor: Double major in history and anthropology with minors in sexuality and gender studies and education
Other Activities: Photography, historical dance, improv, College Democrats
Why did you run for this position? I think that student advocates are so crucial to the judiciary process here. I have seen the impact that a strong and involved board has had upon the entire student body. I want to put my knowledge to use to lead a group of strong, dedicated women who will be the compassionate changemakers this college helps us be.
What are your goals for next year? I hope to make student advocates more incorporated and involved on campus as a whole as well as in each of their respective halls. I also hope to see more students effectively use student advocates. We are here to confidentially aid all students who ask for our assistance.