2014 Legacy Blazes Trail of Her Own

September 30, 2010

Katherine Gormley ’14 may be the 18th member of her family to attend Mary Baldwin University — including her mother and grandmother — but she wants to leave a unique mark at the college. Gormley, an aspiring Army nurse, was drawn to Mary Baldwin by the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL), the people she met, and campus life. Strong family connections are a definite benefit for this ambitious first-year student.

Each year, a freshman legacy — a student who has a family member who attended Mary Baldwin — is selected to accept the official class colors and a challenge from the previous graduating class. At Charter Day on September 1, Gormley accepted the 2014 class colors from former Student Government Association President Erin Paschal ’10, who challenged this year’s freshmen to enjoy every moment of their time at Mary Baldwin and form bonds to ensure a lifetime of sisterhood.

Knowing all about Mary Baldwin’s heritage and looking forward to making memories with her fellow classmates, Gormley eagerly accepted on behalf of her 278 new sisters. Already in full swing as a VWIL nULL and runner for the cross country team, Gormley was able to find time to answer some key questions about her time at so far at Mary Baldwin and what she’s most looking forward to:

Any stories from freshman year you’d like to share?
So far I have been so stressed out with everything going on and learning how to time manage, I have been extremely forgetful! I forget keys, I lost my ID card, I keep losing my cell phone, and I fall … a lot.

What are you most looking forward to during your time here?
Making the transition from a nULL to a cadet in the corps. And also my time here with friends, but most of all the amazing education I will get here, being a part of this school was the best decision I have ever made in my life.

Any traditions you can’t wait to take part in?
Definitely Apple Day! Only because all of the upper classmen have been talking about it; it seems like so much fun.

What do your class colors, scarlet and gold, mean to you?
In my eyes I think the class colors scarlet and gold stand for many things, but I really think that scarlet — a deep red — stands for power, which goes right along with our theme for this year, “The Power to Be.” Gold seems like riches, not money or wealth, but the riches we as a class gain in education and leadership.

What does it mean to you to be a “Boldly Baldwin” woman?
When I hear the term “Boldly Baldwin” I think about a woman being the best that she can be and truly emulating the greatest women who came before her. Now that I am a boldly Baldwin woman I try to emulate the greatest women of our time. The traits of a bold, Baldwin woman are strength, courage, and determination to do whatever you set your mind to.

How do you plan to leave your own special mark on Mary Baldwin?
I want to start a lacrosse team. Lacrosse is my passion and I would like to spread my passion around the school.