Diverse, Talented Group to Represent Students in 2011–12

March 3, 2011

Students — representing different points of view and different points on the map — have recently been elected to the executive committee of Mary Baldwin University’s Student Government Association (SGA). With a variety of reasons for running, each aspiring leader has goals she plans to achieve while in office and high hopes for the future.

 Krittika Krishnan

President: Krittika Krishnan ’12

Krishnan, a native of India, holds the distinction of being the first international student and the first student in the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted to be elected SGA president. Krishnan said she was stunned by the number of opportunities available to her upon becoming a student at Mary Baldwin. “I felt the urge to become more involved in campus activities and get to know more students, so I began to sign up for different leadership positions.” Krishnan’s list of achievements includes being a member of the President’s Society and Judicial Board, as well as being a student senator and vice president of Circle K International. Her ambitions for SGA president include increasing campus unity, which she said is a common idea across the executive committee. “Hopefully,” Krishnan said, “we will also be able to find ways to increase the various opportunities provided to us.”

Vice President: Ellen Jean Selby ’12

Selby, a history major from Washington DC, has held several leadership positions, including senator, student advocate, junior class treasurer, and resident advisor — all of which she credits to helping her see student government from different angles. “I chose to run for SGA vice president specifically to run Senate,” said Selby, who becomes Senate president as part of her role as SGA vice president. “I was amazed by how much Senate does. Major decisions about how our college lives operate start and end with Senate, and I have confidence in it as a powerful, student-driven force.” As for future priorities, Selby said she hopes to expand communication lines so that representatives feel comfortable speaking up, even if their thoughts conflict with popular opinion. “I hope to do this by making sure senators and hall presidents get to know each other, so Senate feels like a body of peers,” she said.

Secretary: Lisa Hebert ’12

As a student senator representing the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG), this Alexandria, Virginia, native found a calling in student government. A psychology major with minors in biology and creative writing, Hebert is on the staff of Campus Comments and serves as teaching assistant for a psychology course in addition to being a member of Psi Chi and active within the PEG community. She sought the SGA secretary position to be more active and to facilitate campus-wide improvements. “Mary Baldwin has a lot of strengths that we could work with to make even better. I want to promote how important Senate is as a forum for discussion, decision-making, and positive change.”

 Morgan Lowery

Treasurer: Morgan Lowery ’12

A California native, Lowery is working toward an English degree with minors in education, political science, and American studies. Her leadership experience includes serving on the Relay for Life committee. “I ran for the position of treasurer because I liked doing the budgets,” Lowery said, adding that having worked two years with 2010–11 Treasurer Shannon Epps has helped her understand the process of monitoring the work that goes into managing budgets. “I’m really excited about the budget next year, because as the Student Activities Fund increases, my board and I will have more money to appropriate to clubs and organizations on campus. This means bigger and better events for the students.” Lowery is keeping her options open for future plans, which — as of now — include law school, the Peace Corps, and the Marine Corps (she is the daughter of two Marines). She also describes herself as a bookworm who is never without her iPod, nicknamed Georgia.

Alexcys Evans

Baldwin Program Board (BPB) Chairwoman: Alexcys Evans ’13

This Global Honors Scholar from Elkton, Maryland, is a Healthcare Administration major and among the incoming SGA leaders with an impressive resumé. Her activities on campus include serving as Baldwin Program Board secretary, Weekend of Welcome orientation leader, Board of Elections co-chair, and sophomore class president. “I initially wanted to run for a position on BPB as a freshman because it was truly my escape and it gave me something to look forward to,” Evans said. “Now that I am on the board I have developed such a love for Mary Baldwin’s social life. I ran for BPB chairwoman to put my experience, ideas, and passion for this school to better use.” Evans said she plans to assign committee coordinators who will help encourage student interest in planned events. “The only way to entertain our diverse community is to have active input from each student, and I hope to be the one to do so,” she said. In her free time, Evans also enjoys snowboarding and video games.

Aquanitta Corbett

Honor Council Chairwoman: Aquanitta Corbett ’12

Corbett, from Brooklyn, New York, has been dancing since she was 11 years old and is now artistic director of Mary Baldwin’s Greater Things Dance Ministry and one of the ministry leaders for Campus Crusade. Corbett was inspired to run for office after attending Charter Day her freshmen year. She was intrigued by the sacred and traditional process of signing the Honor Pledge. “From that day forward, I wanted to be a part of something so significant for Mary Baldwin University,” she said. “I knew this was a step toward becoming a confident, compassionate changemaker.” The dancer was also influenced to run for office by the “dedication, diligence, and humility” of current Honor Council Chairwoman, Danielle McBride. “Knowing such a great person who is so sweet, yet demands respect, made me realize that I could do the same,” she said. Corbett’s recipe for success will be to spread unity among Mary Baldwin’s richly diverse campus. She hopes to enlighten students about what the Honor Council represents and her duty as its leader. After graduation, Corbett hopes to attend law school at Georgetown University as well as receive a degree in dance and eventually open an inner-city liturgical dance school for young girls.

Jessimond McLaughlin

Inter-Club Council Chairwoman: Jessimond McLaughlin ’13

This sophomore from Dripping Springs, Texas, is more than ready to tackle her position on the executive committee. Her mission for her term in office is to ensure that all clubs on campus take the initiative to host events, and that the entire campus community supports the organizations by attending these events. “I want every club to feel as though they can host an event and have a lot of people come,” McLaughlin said. “I want everyone to feel comfortable going to every single event that is hosted. I just want this campus to feel more like a community.” In her free time, McLaughlin enjoys reading, watching movies, and anything related to theatre. After graduation, she plans to teach at the high school or college level.

Whitney Brooks

Judicial Board Chairwoman: Whitney Brooks ’13

Although she was raised in a small town in Bladen County, North Carolina, Brooks is now a resident of Richmond, Virginia. The English major enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family and friends. Brooks was inspired to run for Judicial Board chairwoman because of her strong desire to get involved at Mary Baldwin and her hopes of attending law school after graduation. Brooks said she believes that her service on the board will provide her with fundamental ideas about the law. In previous positions on the board, Brooks found an unexpected, unconditional love for the job. “With each case and activity, I knew that being a part of the board was something that I had truly become passionate about and I wanted to take that passion to a higher level.” As the new chairwoman, her goals include getting the campus more involved, disintegrating the stereotype of the board as a “police force,” and making sure that board representatives establish solid relationships with each resident on their assigned halls. “While I strongly believe in set rules,” Brooks said, “I would not say that I have a passion for law, but a passion for justice.”

Mary Pate

Lead Advocate: Mary Pate ’13

A communication major from Troutville, Virginia, Pate was inspired to run for lead advocate because of the satisfaction that she received from being a student advocate this year. “I believed that it was crucial to take my service to the next level,” she said. While in office, Pate hopes to raise awareness about the role of student advocates, and the duties that come along with the job. Following graduation, she plans to accomplish her goal of becoming an elementary school teacher and, eventually, a principal. For now, she divides her free time between listening to music, spending time with family and friends, and playing video games.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Chairwoman: Courtney Saunders ’12

Courtney Saunders