September Scholarly Achievements: Volume I

September 22, 2011

Each week, Mary Baldwin News and The Cupola Now will highlight faculty scholarly and creative achievements by School of Excellence. This week, it’s the School of Arts, Humanities, and Renaissance Studies and the School of Education, Health, and Social Work.

Next week will present faculty accomplishments from the School of Social Science, Business, and Global Studies and the School of Science.

Arts, Humanities, and Renaissance Studies

Ralph Cohen Ralph Cohen, professor of English
A presentation, “Recovering Theatre Emotion,””Old Emotions on the New Fortune Stage” Conference at the University of Western Australia, September 2011.
Kristen Egan Kristen Egan, assistant professor of English
A presentation, “Trees and the ‘origin of things’: Nature and Race in Fuller’s Summer on the Lakes,” The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment Conference, June 2011.
Virginia Francisco Virginia Francisco, professor emerita of theatre
Taught English at Bethel Mekane Yesus School, Ethiopia, March–June 2011.
Sara James Sara James, professor of art history
Two reviews, The English Castle: 1066–1650 by John Goodall, Historians of British Art and Compass and Rule: Architecture as Mathematical Practice in England 1500-1750 by Anthony Gerbino and Stephen Johnston, Sixteenth Century Journal, summer 2011.A conference, with Lundy Pentz, associate professor of biology, Summer Teachers’ Institute in Technical Art History at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University/Metropolitan Museum, July 2011.
Katherine Low Katherine Low, assistant professor of religion and philosophy and college chaplain
An article, “Implications Surrounding Girding the Loins in Light of Gender, Body, and Power,” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, September 2011.
Nancy Ross Nancy Ross, adjunct instructor of art
An exhibition, “Fanning Out — Sculptural and Functional Pottery,” Staunton Augusta Art Center, September 2011.
Paul Ryan Paul Ryan, professor of art
Two group exhibitions, “Constructs 9,” Anne White Gallery in Lynchburg, VA, July 2011 and “Constructs 10,” Space 301 in Mobile, AL, September–October 2011.A review, with Dinah Ryan, “Monument to Transformation” exhibition at the City Gallery of Prague, Sculpture, June 2011.
Jim Sconyers Jim Sconyers, associate professor of art
Piece “Service Engine Soon” purchased by Capital One.
Janna Segal Janna Segal, assistant professor of theatre
An article, “The aesthetic resurrection of the ‘death-mark’d’ lovers (R&J 1.P.9) in the some-other-where-but-here-spaces of Romeo and Juliet,” Shakespeare and Wonder, forthcoming 2011.A presentation, “‘th’embarked traders’ (MND 2.1.127) in (Post)Colonialist Shakespeares: Tim Supple’s Onstage and Online ‘Indian Dream ,’ (2006–2008).” IHUM Research Colloquim at Stanford University, May 2011.An invited critic for “Author Meets Critics: Plenary Session with Emily Bartels, Author of Speaking of the Moor: From Alcazar to Othello,” Comparative Drama Conference at Loyola Marymount University, March 2011.
Katherine Turner Katherine Turner, associate professor of English
A presentation, “The moral topography of Regency London in Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Mary Anne,” “Literary London” Conference at the Institute of English Studies, University of London, July 2011.

Education, Health, and Social Work

Tamra Willis Tamra Willis, associate professor of education
NOAA B-WET grant.