September Scholarly Achievements: Volume II

September 28, 2011

This week, Mary Baldwin News highlights faculty’s scholarly and creative achievements from the School of Social Science, Business, and Global Studies and from the School of Science.

Social Science, Business, and Global Studies

Amy Diduch Amy Diduch, professor of economics

An article, ” The Effect of Unpaid Labor on Educational Attainment,”Encyclopedia of Women in Today’s World.

Judy Klein Judy Klein, professor of economics

Two presentations, “Mathematical Programming for the Cold War or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Satisficing,” History of Recent Economics Annual Conference at Duke University and “Cold War Modeling Strategies,” History of Economics Society Annual Meeting at the University of Notre Dame, summer 2011.A research grant, from the Institute for New Economic Thinking, spring 2011.

Bob Klonoski Bob Klonoski, assistant professor of business

A presentation, “Work motivation, culture and economic development: Is work motivation shaped by its socio-economic context?” European Academic Conference, Clute Institute for Academic Research in Barcelona. Later published by International Journal of Management and Information Systems.

Daniel Metraux Daniel Metraux, professor of Asian studies

Two articles, “Vermont: The Little Republic that Wasn’t” and “Vermonters Fighting in Civil War Virginia,” The Hazen Road Dispatch.

Jodie Miller Jodie Miller, adjunct assistant professor of Asian studies

A presentation, “The State of Quantitative Literacy at Small Colleges and Universities,” Mathematical Association of America, summer 2011.

Allan Moy&eacute Allan Moyé, director of communication studios and adjunct assistant professor of film

Filmed interviews with relatives of the victims of the El Mozot&eacute massacre in El Salvador, May 2011.

Served as a judge for the screenwriting competition for the upcoming Virginia Film Festival in October 2011.

Jane Pietrowski Jane Pietrowski, associate professor of economics

A seminar, Exotic Wisdom: Encounters with the Religious Other in Pre-Islamic West Asia, the National Humanities Center, June 2011.


Paul Deeble Paul Deeble, associate professor of biology, and Maria Craig, associate professor of chemistry

With April Lao ’11, Angela Gupta ’12, Honorable Mention Poster Award for “LL-37/CpG and the Effects of this Complex on Prostate Cancer Cell Proliferation and Invasion,” Virginia Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting at the University of Richmond, May 2011.

Nadine Gergel-Hackett Nadine Gergel-Hackett, assistant professor of physics

Engineering Research and Standards Grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Lundy Pentz Lundy Pentz, associate professor of biology

A conference, with Sara James, professor of art history, Summer Teachers’ Institute in Technical Art History at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University/Metropolitan Museum, July 2011.