Fairies, Magic, Romance! Mary Baldwin University Theatre Presents Iolanthe

November 2, 2011

Mary Baldwin University theatre is back with its second show of the season. Iolanthe by Gilbert and Sullivan is directed by Frank Southerington with musical direction by Brian Holsopple and accompaniment by Daniel Kirkland. Performances of this comic operetta run November 11–13 and November 16–20 in the Fletcher Collins Theatre in Deming Hall.

In the world of fairies and magic, Iolanthe committed the most serious crime under fairy law. She married a mortal and was banished. The fairies, 25 years later, plead with the Fairy Queen to let Iolanthe return. Her return brings a mingling of the fairy world and the fallible mortal world of the House of Lords. The mix of comic and romantic stories, with Sullivan’s sublime music, is classic Gilbert and Sullivan.

Leading the cast are (left to right) Dustin Roadcap as Strephon, Emilie Holmstock as the Fairy Queen, Katherine Parker as Iolanthe, and Laura Wise as Phyllis the Arcadian shepherdess. They are joined by Ben Houseknecht, Michelle Brandt, Michael Vayvada, Skip Lazenby, and Michael Lafferty as leaders of the British House of Lords. Rachel Berger, Helena Billington, and Tanya Dragenice play the fairy trio.

Also featured are Leslie Chockley, Brittany Fauzer, Katharine Given, Olivia Grace, Rebecca Hodder, Emily Marks, Leslie Pittman as the fairy band and Richard Coleman, Megan Grubb, Bill Harouff, Sam Koolger, Paul Southerington, Clarke Staton, and Scott Woofter as members of the House of Lords.

Please join us for a night of music and fun. Show times are 7:30 p.m. November 11–12 and November 16–19, and 2 p.m. November 13 and November 20. For reservations call 540-887-7189. Tickets are $12 for adults, and $7 for students and seniors.

For more information contact Terry Southerington at 540-885-3817.