Scholarly Achievements: School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies

November 6, 2011

Here are the latest scholarly achievements in the School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies.

Dan Dowdy Dan Dowdy, associate professor of business
Presided over a session, “Integrating Student Advising, Adult Learning, and Retention Theories: An Advising Model for Enhancing Adult Student Retention,” conference of the Association for Continuing Higher Education, Orlando, FL, October 2011.
Daniel Metraux Daniel Metraux, professor of Asian studies
An article, “Locke: Genesis of a Chinese Village in Rural California,” Southeast Review of Asian Studies, 2011 issue.
Joe Sprangel Joe Sprangel, assistant professor of business administration
Served as a doctorate committee member for Kirk Welter, a DBA student at Lawrence Technological University, who successfully defended his dissertation, “A Study of Publicly-Held U.S. Corporations on the Effects of Sustainability Measures on Financial Performance, Utilizing a Modified Regression Discontinuity Model,” October 28, 2011.
Carey Usher Mary Clay Thomas Dan Stuhlsatz, associate professor of sociology, Carey Usher, associate professor of sociology, and Mary Clay Thomas, assistant professor and director of social work

A document, “Executive Summary of a Community Needs Assessment in support of a Comprehensive Gang Model for the Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro (SAW) Coalition,” released to the public at Staunton City Hall, November 1, 2011.
Laura van Assendelft Laura van Assendelft, professor of political science
An article, co-authored with Mary Stegmaier and Barbara Palmer, “Getting on the Board: The Presence of Women in Political Science Journal Editorial Positions,” PS: Political Science and Politics, October 2011.
Abby Wightman Abby Wightman, assistant professor of anthropology
A conference, Plains Anthropological Society, Tucson, AZ, panel member for “Current Research in Plains Ethnology, Ethnohistory and Linguistics.”