Scholarly Achievements: School of Education, Health, and Social Work – 2011

November 14, 2011

Here are the latest scholarly achievements from the School of Education, Health, and Social Work.

Paula Davis-Olwell, assistant professor of Healthcare Administration

A presentation, “Adventures in Undergraduate Research: Translating Positive Experiences across Disciplines,” 2011 AUPHA.
Karen Dorgan, professor of education
A conference, Realistic Mathematics Education, Boulder, CO, September 2011. The conference brought together researchers and educators who apply principles of mathematics education developed by the
Freudenthal Institute.
Tamra Willis, associate professor of education
A presentation on the NOAA funded project entitled “The Intersection of Life and Land,” the North American Association for Environmental Education, Raleigh, NC.The “proud professor” of her first grad student to present a poster at a conference, Joya McMurray, who presented a poster describing her GTE research project.