Film Screening and Discussion to be Held in Memory of Organizer

February 23, 2012

Tonight’s presentation of the film “Girlfriend” will be held as scheduled, but in memory of the event’s chief organizer, Cindy Pachis, who passed away Wednesday.

The special education teacher, wife, and mother three — including a son with an intellectual disability — was instrumental in making possible Mary Baldwin’s screening of “Girlfriend,” an award-winning independent film about a young man with Down syndrome who romantically pursues a small-town single mother who is still involved with her volatile ex-boyfriend.

Still from Girlfriend

“This film shows how people with disabilities have far more capabilities that we realize, and that they have the same emotional desires and needs as your average person,” Pachis told The News Leader’s Maria Longley in an interview earlier this week.

Pachis was also scheduled to participate in post-film panel discussion with local experts. Her husband, Rick Pachis, will attend in her place, a testament to his wife’s commitment to the film and the Mary Baldwin event.

The screening will begin at 7 p.m. in Francis Auditorium.