Faculty Achievements: School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies

April 17, 2012

Here are the latest faculty accomplishments in the School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies.

Daniel Metraux Daniel Metraux, professor of Asian Studies

Two articles on Virginia’s entry into the Civil War and Craftsbury, VT, soldiers who fought in Virginia, and 12 book reviews, Augusta Historical: Bulletin, the journal of the Augusta County Historical Society.

Joseph Sprangel Joseph Sprangel, assistant professor of business administration

Committee member for Doctorate of Business Administration students Michael Glovis and Dorthe Heinsohn who will both publicly defend their dissertations on March 9, 2012.

Abby Wightman Abby Wightman, assistant professor of anthroplogy

A conference, Southern Anthropological Society, Birmingham, Alabama where five anthropology/sociology majors — Amy Baker, Kimberly Bray, Stephanie Cash, Chelsea DeShazo, and Leighann Kimble — gave presentations based upon their own original research.