A Busy Semester for Psych Students

May 1, 2012

Nine Mary Baldwin University psychology students have presented their senior theses at various regional conferences spring semester, further highlighting the college’s strengths in undergraduate research.

At the Virginia Social Science Association meeting at Old Dominion University on March 24, Stephanie Morehead presented her critical literature review on hoarding as a syndrome distinct from obsessive compulsive disorder.

“I was presenting with many graduate students and faculty members who had performed their own original research, and I had to state up front that mine was a literature review,” Morehead said. “Despite this, I felt a great amount of honor and pride when those [in the audience] were able to learn just as much from it as from a presentation of original research. I heard a great deal of compliments from the audience afterward commending the thoroughness of my research and findings.”

On April 13 and 14, assistant professors of psychology Chandra Mason and Jenna Holt took four seniors to Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the annual Carolinas Psychology Conference. The students — Krittika Krishnan, Christina Jewell, Abbey Senn, and Tiffany Schrepf — each
gave 15-minute presentations.

“They were all well-prepared and were exemplary representatives for Mary Baldwin University,” Holt said. “The students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the research of other students, as well as sharing their own projects with a new audience. It was a truly enjoyable experience, and we look forward to going again next year.”

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Associate Professor of Psychology Louise Freeman accompanied four students on April 20 to the L. Starling Reid Undergraduate Psychology Conference at the University of Virginia. Katie
Heineck was selected to give a talk on her research interest, which involves the influence of education on opinions of the use of chemical castration in pedophiles, while three other students — Becca Mayberry, Margaret Larson and Elena Nguyen — presented posters.

Earlier this semester, a group of psychology students attended a talk by author Richard Louv in Charlottesville, part of their exploration of “nature-deficit disorder” in children.