Faculty Achievements

May 21, 2012

Here is the final installment of scholarly accomplishments for 2011–12.

Arts, Humanities, and Renaissance Studies

Kenneth Beals, visiting assistant professor of religion and philosophy

Visiting scholar in Business Ethics, Wittenberg University, lectured several classes on approaches to ethics and presented a keynote speech, “In Praise of Rat Finks: Supporting Whistle-Blowers in Contemporary Society,” April 19.

Paul Menzer, director of the M.Litt/MFA program in Shakespeare and performance

A keynote lecture, “Marlowe’s Dark Star,” the Hollins University Classics Symposium, April 2.
A keynote lecture, “The Last Bradleyites,” the Shakespeare Association of American annual meeting, Boston, April 7.

Paul Ryan, professor of art

Participating in the group exhibition, “Four Perspectives,” the McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, Virginia, April 19 through June 2, 2012.

Education, Health, and Social Work

James Harrington, professor of education

Re-elected to the Staunton City Council.

Elaine Traynelis-Yurek, GTE teaching partner

A chapter, “RTI: An opportunity for literacy coaches to assist adolescent special education students with language process deficits,” in M.W. Strong & A. B. Jay (co-editors) Promoting Quality Assurance in Literacy Instruction: The Preparation, Inquiries, and Practices of Literacy Professionals .A presentation, “Wordless Picture Books as a Stimulus for Using LEA with Struggling and ESL Students,” Annual Convention of the International Reading Association, Chicago, May 2012.


Anne Allison, assistant professor of biology

A competitive grant from the Bio-Rad company for the proposal, “Integrating Nucleotide Gel Electrophoresis Across an Undergraduate Science Curriculum at a Small Liberal Arts College for Women.” This equipment will meet the needs of our students by enhancing lab classes and facilitating student research. Allison and her research students will be highlighted in the next issue of Bio-Rad’s newsletter.

Paul Deeble, associate professor of biology

Attended the American Society for Microbiology regional meeting, Bridgewater College, March 31, 2012. Three students presented posters with Deeble: Alex Kelly and Sophia Stone, a poster, “Neuroendocrine Differentiation and its Effects on Chemoresistance in Prostate Cancer Cells; Angela Gupta with co-authors April Lao and Dr. Maria Craig, a poster, “Effect of CpG Oligonucleotide and LL-37 on Prostate Cancer Cell Growth, Invasion and Migration,” which received the Ralph S. Wolfe First Place Poster Presentation Award.

Jodie Miller, instructor of mathematics

Successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, “Serving Two Masters: A Study of Quantitative Literacy at Small Colleges and Universities,” Montclair State University, New Jersey, March 6, 2012.

Lundy Pentz, associate professor of biology, and Peter Ruiz-Haas, assistant professor of chemistry

Collaborated on a grant proposal, “Restoring Staunton’s Peyton Creek,” with the City of Staunton and American Rivers which was submitted to the EPA under its Potomac Highlands Implementation Grant Program. The proposal seeks to daylight sections of the creek that run underground through Staunton;
Mary Baldwin Biology and Chemistry students have started working to evaluate improvements in water chemistry and biological parameters before and after restoration activities funded by this grant are complete.

Peter Ruiz-Haas, assistant professor of chemistry

Two posters, co-authored by Anastasia Blake ’12 and Brianna Hamilton ’12 respectively, “Effect of Runoff and Seasonal Change on Concentrations of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) in Rural and Urban Areas” and “Determination of EDCs in Water by Stir-Bar Sorptive Extraction,” spring national meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Diego, CA.

Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies

Sharon Barnes, director of Baldwin Online and Adult Programs Regional Center in Roanoke, and Dan Dowdy, associate professor of business

A presentation with Kari Frenz, “Sustaining Quality & Growth at a Private Liberal Arts College: Strategies & Tactics,” the Mid-Atlantic regional meeting of the Association for Continuing Higher Education, Roanoke, March 26, 2012.

Judy Klein, professor of economics

A presentation about her research on the recent history of modeling strategies in economics in an interview for the INET video series 30 Ways to be an Economist, the Institute for New Economic Thinking conference, Berlin, April.

Catherine McPherson, associate professor of business

A reviewer of papers submitted for presentation — in the areas of advertising, promotion, and marketing communication; branding and brand management; consumer psychology and behavior; and interorganizational issues in marketing — for the 2012 American Marketing Association Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference convening this August in Chicago.

Daniel Metraux, professor of Asian studies

An article, “Ultra-Nationalism and State Shinto in Pre-War Japan,” accepted in the 2012 issue of the Japan Studies Review.
A talk, “Japan’s Suicidal Rush to Economic Oblivion,” the Blue Ridge United Nations Association chapter meeting, Charlottesville, April 22.

Daniel Stuhlsatz, associate professor of sociology, Carey Usher, associate professor of sociology, and Mary Clay Thomas, assistant professor and director of social work

Stuhlsatz was the principal author, with chapters written by Usher and Thomas, of the Final Report of the Comprehensive Gang Model Community Needs Assessment, which the Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro Coalition released in April.