Campus Infrastructure Projects Draw to a Close

September 5, 2012


Now that classes have begun, Mary Baldwin University’s Physical Plant is nearing the end of a massive campus improvement that resulted in the completion of more than 40 projects that touch all parts of the historic Staunton campus.

“We’re just really, really proud of everything we were able to get done,” said Facilities Director Brent Douglass. “It’s remarkable, actually, that we were able to accomplish what we did and have such a successful summer with [Heiftetz International Music Institute and American Shakespeare Center camps]. It would have been extremely gratifying anyway, but to take on summer programs in addition to that work, is particularly gratifying for the whole institution and certainly for my staff.”

The funds for the summer overhaul came from the college’s capital improvements budget and a generous estate gift
— close to $1.2 million — from alumna Frances Tullis ’45.

Here’s a rundown of some of the wide-ranging work:

The Lyda B. Hunt Dining Hall, including the Nuthouse and the gallery, has been air-conditioned. The air conditioning unit in the Business Office has also been replaced.

Stairs between the dining hall and Wenger Hall, in front of the Administration Building, and from the Administration Parking lot to Wilson Terrace have been rebuilt.

Filterra Units have been installed in the Frederick Street parking lot to help curb runoff into Staunton’s Lewis Creek.

Filterra Installation

Crews upgraded bathrooms and installed new furniture in Kable Residence Hall.

By removing old cabinetry, Classroom 301 in Pearce Science Center now accommodates 48 students and a new teaching platform, furniture, whiteboard, and SMART Board.

The Security team traded in an aging Jeep for a newer, more fuel-efficient, small sport utility vehicle, the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted has upgraded one of its older minivans, and a gas-guzzling van used by Physical Plant has been replaced with a more efficient vehicle.


The exterior of the President’s House has been painted.

Workers resurfaced the court and repaired lights on the upper tennis court.

The language lab was moved from the 100-level of Wenger Hall to the 100-level of Grafton Library. The digital media classroom now includes new computers and software and can accommodate 24 students.

The college archives has been moved into a renovated space, from the basement to the 100-level of the library.

Roof work is complete on the Frederick Street side of the library, the Business Office, a portion of Wenger that had been leaking, and above the Club Room of the Student Activities Center. Crews also are wrapping up roof work on Hill Top Residence Hall this week.

Workers installed an attractive new stage floor and a new audio-visual system in Francis Auditorium.

The floor of one of the locker rooms in the Physical Activities Center was replaced.

The carpet in Edmundson House has been replaced.

Work continues in the old language lab space in Wenger to create offices for the Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.

New landscaping near the Filterra units in the Frederick Street lot and by the new staircase between Hunt and Wenger will be installed when the weather turns cooler, Douglass said, likely in October. And the parking lot at the Administration Building will also be repaved later this month or next month.