Young, and Already Funding the Future

October 10, 2012

Alison Kaufmann is not a millionaire. She is a 2007 graduate. She is still working to establish herself in the professional world. But she is one of Mary Baldwin University’s most dependable donors.

“My gifts have always been manageable,” says Kaufmann, program manager at Dominion Virginia Power who recently earned her master’s degree in business administration. “Meaningful, but manageable. I’m not going into debt, but I’m also not going to let a year go by without contributing.”

A member of the Alumnae/i Association Board of Directors since 2008, Kaufmann made her first gift — $20.07 in reference to her class year — while she was a senior. It was the key to establishing giving back as part of her routine.

“It’s so much easier to keep giving after you’ve made that first commitment. It is nice to think of my college each month when I make a contribution to its future.”

To mark her five-year Reunion, she increased her gift by a modest amount to celebrate the “re-energized, reflective spirit that came with my first Reunion.” Like many employers, Dominion boosts Kaufmann’s impact by matching her donations.

She contributed to the creation of the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences because of the potential that new programs have to “elevate the Mary Baldwin name around the state and the nation,” Kaufmann said. “I continue to feel very close to the place that was my home for four years, and I want to be part of helping the college invest in giving more students the opportunity to call Mary Baldwin home.”