Students and Senator Mingle

October 17, 2012

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner stopped in for a visit Friday at Mary Baldwin University, discussing student loans, military spending, and joining the workforce with a group of about 40 students.

Warner at Mary Baldwin

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Senator Warner, and hearing about politics from an ‘inside man,'” said sophomore communication major Rakia Briggs. “I could tell that Warner was passionate about his position, and sincerely concerned for the people. He did not just talk in circles, but he addressed the questions with fire and brilliance.”

Warner, the first-term junior Democratic senator representing Virginia, said that while lowering the nation’s deficit is a priority, preserving important programs such as Pell Grants is critical for the country’s future success. Many of the students who gathered for the meet and greet in the Upper Back Gallery of the Administration Building are scholarship and grant recipients.

Before mingling with students, Warner met privately with Mary Baldwin President Pamela Fox to discuss, among other agenda items, the new Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences and its potential economic impact on the region.