Faculty Achievements: School of of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies

November 6, 2012

Here are the latest faculty accomplishments in the School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies.

Bruce Dorries Bruce Dorries, assistant professor of communications

Attended the Intercultural Strategies in Civic Engagement annual conference, SUNY Global Center in New York, October 4–6, gathering research and conducting interviews about best practices for civic engagement in a global context.

Kathy McCleaf Kathy McCleaf, associate professor of health and studies of gender and sexuality

A forthcoming article, “Attributions to Sexual Minority Women’s Academic Success,” Taylor and Francis Group publication, The Journal of Homosexuality.
Accepted an invitation to serve a two-year term on the National Academic Advisor’s editorial board for their online publication, Academic Advising Today: Voices of the Global Community.

Daniel Metraux Daniel Metraux, professor of Asian studies

A paper, “Jack London’s Honest and Critical Reporting in Korea during the Russo-Japanese War,” the 12th Jack London Symposium, October 4, Logan, Utah.
Published the 15th volume of the journal he edits, The Virginia Review of Asian Studies. Included in this issue is Mary Baldwin graduate Cynthia Kirkland’s article, “Bosozoku: The Rise and Fall of a Subculture.”

 Daniel Stuhlsatz Daniel Stuhlsatz, associate professor of sociology

A paper, “The Social Bond and Non-Conformity (Deviance): Toward a Pragmatic Definition of Street Gangs,” the annual meeting of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.