MBU Welcomes Interim CFO Dr. Bradley Sheriff

MBU’s new interim CFO has had a long career overseeing financial, operational, and administrative transitions at various institutions.

Brad Sheriff

Mary Baldwin University is pleased to welcome Dr. Bradley Sheriff to the leadership team as the interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Starting April 1, Sheriff will play a pivotal role in steering the university through various administrative and operational processes.

In his new role at MBU, Sheriff will oversee a broad spectrum of the university’s functions, including dining services, finance, human resources, information technology, and facilities management. He steps into a role occupied by Sean Simplicio, the outgoing executive vice president and CFO, who joined MBU in 2020.

Sheriff is no stranger to the rigors of higher education leadership. With a career spanning over 25 years, he has cultivated a wealth of experience across several esteemed institutions. His journey includes roles at Southeast Missouri State University, where he served as vice president for finance and administration, and significant positions within the University of Illinois System, Indiana Wesleyan University, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith.

Across these institutions, Sheriff has demonstrated his adeptness in roles ranging from CFO to associate vice president of business affairs and compliance, as well as assistant vice chancellor of academic affairs for business and finance.

MBU President Jeff Stein expressed his enthusiasm for Sheriff’s appointment, highlighting the wealth of experience he brings to the table. “We’re excited to welcome Dr. Sheriff to campus this spring. His years of experience in higher education leadership make him a valuable addition to our team. I am confident that his contributions will significantly advance our mission to provide an inclusive and nurturing environment for all members of the MBU community,” Stein said.

Sheriff’s tenure at Southeast Missouri State University was marked by notable achievements, including enhancing operating reserves, striving for student affordability, implementing data security improvements, and pioneering flexible working arrangements for employees. Furthermore, his initiative to create a total compensation statement underscores his commitment to transparency and employee welfare.

As Sheriff embarks on his interim role, MBU also looks forward to the search for its next CFO, slated to begin at the end of 2024.