Joseph Johnson

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 540-887-7286

BA, Western Michigan University; MA and PhD, University of Virginia

I obtained my Ph.D. in the field of algebraic topology from the University of Virginia in 2012. Algebraic topology is the process of using computational techniques to study the geometry of multi-dimensional shapes. Since I have graduated my studies have shifted to the intersection of algebraic topology, logic, and computer science in the fairly new field of homotopy type theory. A main goal of homotopy type theory is to better implement mathematical constructs in a computer. One realizes logical constructions as generalized geometric shapes and attempts to teach the computer the rules that govern these shapes. As this is a recent development in math, there are a lot of exciting things going on within the reach of an industrious student.
In my spare time I enjoy reading math of all kinds, vegan cooking/cheese making, biking, and various aspects of computing. I also use my vacation time to travel as much as I can handle.