Michael O’Grady, PT, MS

Instructor – PT Program 540-887-4130
Michael O'Grady, PT, MSPT

Mike earned his master of science in physical therapy in 2001 from Columbia University.  His experience as a child in physical therapy and extensive experience as a clinician working with children in schools, clinics, and Early Intervention inform his approach to the whole child.  He has researched and published on the intersection of developing motor skills and cognition during play.  Currently, he is completing his DSc degree from The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in an interdisciplinary curriculum for practicing occupational and physical therapists.  Professional interests include expanding awareness of the interdependence of developmental domains for children with disabilities, advancing interdisciplinary care, and extending participation for families and children with disabilities.  Teaching responsibilities will include lifespan development, pediatrics, health and wellness, and community practicum.  In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with family and friends, bicycling, strength training, and playing pickleball.  He joined MDCHS faculty in September 2023.