Authentic Learning and Leadership (MEd)

Harness the benefits of authentic learning. 

Gain a deep understanding of authentic learning strategies that are proven to inspire and motivate students. By incorporating hands-on, inquiry-based approaches into your teaching practice, you will empower your students to master the essential skills needed to succeed in a complex 21st-century world.

Whether you are a classroom teacher, curriculum or policy developer, or an educator in a museum or park setting, this program will help you become an educational leader who unleashes the full potential of your students’ minds and imaginations.

Time to Completion
2 years
Master of Education
Authentic Learning

Why Study Authentic Learning and Leadership at Mary Baldwin?

The demand for meaningful and engaging learning experiences has never been higher. As a teacher, you understand the importance of connecting education to real-life contexts and inspiring true comprehension. At Mary Baldwin University, our master of education (MEd) program with a concentration in authentic learning and leadership is specifically designed to equip educators like you with the strategies and skills to make education relevant, impactful, and transformative.

We understand that, as an educator, your time is precious. That’s why our MEd program is designed with flexibility in mind. All core courses and degree electives are offered online, allowing you to work at your own pace and fit your studies seamlessly into your busy schedule. With the freedom to choose courses that align with your specific learning goals, you can tailor your education to meet your unique needs and interests. 

Every place has a story waiting to be told. MBU’s authentic learning and leadership  program allowed me to tap into my past as a geographer and learn how to fuse it with my future as an educator. I have been able to create a unique and authentic place-based water conservation program that over 70,000 students and their teachers love!

Kristi PierceDistrict Water Conservation and Education Coordinator Harris-Galveston and Fort Bend Subsidence Districts Houston, Texas

Courses and Curriculum 

Our curriculum combines core courses, degree electives, and a diverse selection of other electives from the School of Education, allowing you to customize your learning experience. Best of all, our program is designed to be completed in just two years or less, ensuring that you can advance your career and implement your newfound knowledge and skills in a timely manner.

Core Courses (19 credits)

  • Authentic Learning: Theory and Research
  • Leadership in Education
  • Assessment and Planning for Instructional Improvement
  • The Mindful, Bias-Aware, and Reflective Teacher
  • Methods of Professional Inquiry
  • Inquiry Research Project

Degree Electives (9–15 credits)

  • Contemporary Learning Theory for Diverse Learners
  • Public Policy and Community Relations in Education
  • Place-Based Learning: Connecting Curriculum to the Real World
  • Creating Authentic Learning Environments: Inside and Out
  • Instructional Coaching and Mentoring

Plus, electives are thoughtfully chosen based on your individual goals and preferences with your program faculty and an advisor. You can choose courses based on experiences, exceptional learners, teaching, and specific content. 

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Careers that Count

The state of Virginia needs you! You play a vital role in shaping the future by empowering students to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on the world. Teaching allows you to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities as you guide and support students through their educational journey. It’s a profession that offers meaningful connections, personal growth, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the growth and development of society.

Cost & Financial Aid

A great education is worth it. Our mission is to help you level up and bring your aspirations to life.

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